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Texworld Fashion & Color Trends Spring/Summer 2013

Texworld Fashion & Color Trends Spring/Summer 2013

DOWNLOAD Texworld Fashion & Color Trends Spring/Summer 2013 Act I & II | Pdf File18,1 MB | [Paris], March 15, 2012


The garment is a disguise that we wear on top of our personality. Lets take a closer look...

The garment is an extension of our personality; it is the reflection of our desire to be. It modulates our relationship with others by our appearance.

To be? Yes, but to appear in what form? That is the question.

Our desire of transparency towards others is not simple. The reflection of ourselves starts in the mirror of our personality and with the fatal question: WHO do we want to be? In our contemporary and globalized society, reality often mixes with the fiction in our life. Our virtual appearances serve our real personality. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social networks are great examples of that.

The course of the Spring/Summer 2013 explores the desire to show beyond reality, the desire of play.


5 Acts of a play directed by us and for us. Where we become our avatar. Discover the two Acts of Texworld trends.

Act I - Where Decadence Becomes Delightful

Act II - When Home Is Elsewhere

Our desires of softness embraces decadence, like an ingenuous Alice tasting the forbidden fruit. Honor is safe; appearances are protected. The desire of contradiction is strong and powerful. Like a poetic ditty on a rock'n roll tune, the playful attitude moves into a voracious orgy. Images and words accumulate with enchanting shades of pastels. The tattooed feelings of animal drawings predict a fierce softness. The sweet temptations calm our sadistic fantasies.

Softness is the key appearance of this romantic attitude. The textiles tell the story of a savage decadence tinted of diaphanous pastels. The touch of the fabric shows the desire of the skins. The aspects: emery cloth, felted, skin touch, suede, erased, mat and slightly iridescent, as well as the leathers and skins will perfectly meet the evanescence of the classic satins and silks.

Interlacing with grace and strength, the natural essence of the fiber will explode in the nobility of the fabric. The natural fibers, cotton and silk, will stay in first position and will compete with rich satin weave in contrast with mat and shininess. The synthetics won't be in the spotlight unless dressed in a sweet and pearled garment. The artificial aspect will shadow the tenderness of the pastel.

The virtual images of far away realities give to our senses the desire to runaway. The wild escape is imposed upon us like an answer to an oppressive urban inaction. The desire of a stampede takes our nomadic imagination. The glows of distant dances sway the colors of a dreamt place. The Slavonic aesthetic contradicts our capitalist confidence and mixes a palette tinted of bohemian accents. The brutality of materialism meets the swirl of a journey of no return.

The accumulation of effects and colors comforts our desires of change. Stacking reassures our near escape. The multiple combinations of delicate and precise patterns draw the road of a long journey. Memories are expressed in the fabric; boiled wool, rope, raw clothes and leather touch, will support the patinas of time and the journey's traces. The knitwear explores the archives of the past. The coated and oiled will protect fiercely the precious fabrics. The equestrian world will tint of its elegance natural patterns, surfaces and details.

The fibers tell the story of an ancient and far-away journey. The fabric's treasure expresses itself in the rarity of the fiber; the angora wool, pashmina, mohair, cashmere, will blend their lightness to those of the cotton and washed out silks. Antic weaving, core of a traditional craft, will reveal the authenticity of shaded synthetics.
Source: Texworld | For more information please visit our Texworld Fair page at





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