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Interfilière Fashion & Color Trends Summer 2012

Interfilière Fashion & Color Trends Summer 2012

Body Fashion Trends for Women & Men Fabric, Color, Accessories & Shapes

DOWNLOAD -INTERFILIERE Color Trends Summer 2012 (Pdf File 1 MB)

[Paris], February 7, 2011 - This session of Interfilière was greeted with enthusiasm by all exhibitors.

The team of specialists (Eurovet Mode team, styling services, exhibitors, designers, colorists) developed a color range with three main directions:


The clearest and palest of pastels, ideal for lofty and silky fabrics and for a new vintage mood that is more sexy than candid.


The earth hues: ochres, oranges and copper tones which support the passion for nature an organic environments to use with mat or shiny effects, with top-of-the-range laces, and for beachwear. Note a surge of 'hand-dyed' effects, especially indigo.


Floral tones, essential nuances for charming prints available now for ranges of limited volume.

These are the colors which have been introduced at Interfilière in Jan. 2011 for the Summer 2012 season.

1. Wisteria 2. Shanghai Mist 3. Anemone 4. Baby Doll
5. Rhubarbe Jelly 6. Grape 7. Lime Blossom 8. Hemp
9. Shadow 10. Foliage 11. Sage 12. Formica
13. Lapis 14. Macaroon 15. Asian Bronze 16. Earth
17. Oxygen 18. Marshmallow 19. Babychick 20. Marsala
21. Clotted Cream 22. Tortoiseshell 23. Lupin 24. Apple
25. Jacinth 26. Smoothy 27. Canary 28. Quince Petal

DOWNLOAD:INTERFILIERE Color Trends Summer 2012 (Pdf File 1 MB)

All color trends information are courtesy and © Interfilière
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Let the Sparks Fly!

Where do we find ourselves today? Fascinated by our bodies, we have neglected the soul. The focus has been on comfort, technique, realism: function at the cost of emotion. More and more lingerie ranges are ignoring the fact that it is above all desire which leads women to buy. Stimulating this desire calls for a sense of history to recreate a world of pleasure and dreams...

The 4 Fashion Trends for the Summer 2012 season are Lady Astray, Baby Glam, Precision and Botanical Wonderland.
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Download   Download   Download  
All trend information are courtesy and © Interfilière
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Interfilière Hong-Kong – Mode Lingerie
30th & 31st March
Mode City
9th, 10th & 11th July
Paris Expo – Pavilion 1
Interfilière Shanghai – Mode Lingerie
18th & 19th October

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INTERFILIERE Color Trends Summer 2011
(Pdf File 3.30 MB)

Today More Than Ever, Interfiliere Imposes Itself for All Industry Players in the Lingerie and Beachwear Industry!

Laces and embroideries, fabrics, knits and prints, fibers, yarns and machines, braiding, beads, trims, buttons, ribbons ... Expertise, quality and creativity are key words at Interfiliere, which has adapted to the market's evolutions for over 20 years.

On the cutting edge of trends
The Interfiliere trade fairs have become unique places for inspiration in the world where creativity, technicity, know-how and fabric innovation are shown, deciphering and anticipating tomorrow's fashion trends ...

Fashion | The Concertation and 'Evolution No. 14' Trend Guide
It is created on the basis of the colour consultation and the collaboration between the fashion teams and Concepts Paris. This guide is a crucial reference for exhibitors who are sent preview copies when they register for the show and use them as inspiration for creating their collections. It is also an essential tool for visitors seeking fashion information to compile future collections.

General Forum, created by Jos Berry, Concepts Paris
With a striking new linear layout in the main aisle for showcasing the most impressive fabrics and new products. At the end of this aisle, a fun and highly visual display was used to illustrate the "Spring-Summer 2011" Color more

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