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The Infinite Dress by Lydia Silvestry

Celebrating the 30 Years of a Timeless Fashion Classic

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Feeling Daring? Add more styles to change your Infinite™Dress with
an elegant and sophisticated Neck Ring. This Choker made of 14K Gold-filled or
Sterling Silver remains firm around your neck, holding the tails that create
many more styles for your Infinite™ dress.
S.T. —  Promoting the Infinite Dress, 100 possible styles are guaranteed. But you told me about a record, could you share this with our readers?

L.S. —
In fact we counted 389 styles during the Latin Model Pageant in 1994, when 72 girls from different countries wore the Infinite Dress for the opening dance and presentation of the show watched by 500 million viewers around the world.

These girls were given no instructions on how to wear the dress.

I handed a dress to each model and allowed them to create their own styles. One by one, these young girls created styles I had never seen, nor even imagined could be done.

Our camera actually ran out of film (it happened prior to digitals), so we stopped counting at 389. It was amazing to see what had taken place right before our eyes.
S.T. —  389? Oh, then we have to imagine a dress to supply 389 styles and as a fashion classic, everyone should wonder if the price of the Infinite Dress costs as much as a wardrobe. So, what should one pay for your designs?

L.S. — “My vision is to have as many women as possible benefit from my designs. Hence, I price the Infinite Dress, a dress so unique it was awarded a patent, so that many women around the world can afford it. When you buy one high quality dress you expect to pay over $350 for one dress only.

A dress that can change into over 100 different styles, the Infinite Dress has sold in high end stores for up to $500, and even at that price it is an extremely good value.

I now offer the Infinite Dress direct to the consumer at only $199. You save thousands of dollars plus get peace of mind knowing you own a garment that is never out of fashion, appropriate for any occasion and utterly comfortable.” From super-sexy to conservative, the Infinite Dress is a dress that will work for any social and special occasion and transforms from style to style quickly and easily.

"Go Strapless" and "Beautiful Back" style ideas of the Infinite™ dress

Portrait of Lydia Silvestry which was used for the book she contributed in England: "Sensual Pleasures and the Art of Morphing into a Health Goddess" by Sally Farmiloe-Neville published by Delancey Press.

Lydia Silvestry in her studio while one of
her assistants is working on a red Infinite Dress.
Photo © Lydia Silvestry
About Lydia Silvestry
Eternal youth, elegance, passion, natural beauty, and creativity. blend these together with a good portion of inspired genius and you have a recipe for success called Lydia Silvestry. Lydia not only embodies these qualities herself, she also infuses them into everything that she creates and sees them inside every other woman. For herself, as well as for the rest of us potential goddesses, she has created the ultimate in fashion elegance, simplicity, functionality, and infinite fun: The Infinite Dress!

From an early age, this former beauty queen, born and raised on the exuberant island of Puerto Rico and trained in design at the prestigious London College of Fashion in London, England, devoted herself to the study of everything that nature provides us with to maintain and enhance our inner and outer health and beauty. In her soon to be publish book: "My Beauty Secrets", Lydia discloses her utter most secrets exposing in detail her unique style of living in health.

Lydia started her working career as a Woman's Fashion Editor at El Nuevo Dia newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was presented The Medal of Communications by the Governor, for outstanding performance in the journalistic field - the highest award achievable. Lydia then went on to become Managing Director of Temas Magazine, a New York based Latin American more

Very special thanks to Lydia Silvestry for this interview. Make sure to visit her website for additional information and buying options.

All images courtesy and property of Lydia Silvestry and used by her permission.

For more information about Lydia Silvestry
and the Infinite Dress please visit

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without our written permission.

Please contact us at [email protected]

Copyright © 2006 by Fashion Trendsetter, all rights reserved.





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