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The Infinite™ Dress by Lydia Silvestry

Celebrating the 30 Years of a Timeless Fashion Classic and the Best Traveling Dress!

Senay Topcuoglu


Lydia Silvestry wearing her
Red Infinite™ Dress

Lydia Silvestry wearing her
Black Infinite Infinite™ Dress
Imagine yourself dancing at a party after a hard days' work while wearing a stylish dress, one that is fitting your body perfectly and besides, letting you do your favorite dance figures. Feeling so comfortable as if your track suit is on although it's a party dress you're wearing at that moment. This scene looks fine, doesn't it? Now, imagine more; that you wore that dress the whole day and without undressing it, with a pull here and a twist there, like a miracle you changed your office outfit into a party dress in just a few seconds! Does this sound impossible? Well, no! It's Infinite! It can only be “ The Infinite™ Dress ” which you're wearing.
The Infinite Dress is the answer for almost all women's -especially the working ladies'- ageless cry "I have got nothing to wear! ". No matter if they have a dozen suits, ten black pants or almost the same style white blouses, women shout out these words at least half of the week. And when it's time for a special occasion, it's like a madness when looking at your wardrobe, doors wide open and finding nothing to wear! How many of you wish to solve this problem? To be honest; you know that the solution is not shoppin' for more clothes.

Thirty years ago a fashion designer came up with an idea to help women dress up in 100 ways with the same dress. There was born a fashion classic when designer Lydia Silvestry first introduced the Infinite Dress to the world on 5th of May, 1976. In a recent interview, Ms. Silvestry stated, "My creation has proven to be a fashion classic, timeless and as fresh and exciting as the day Vogue magazine proclaimed it 'The dress of a thousand and one nights'.”

The moment I decided to write this article, firstly I wrote to Ms. Silvestry. She replied to me with some wonderful e-mails of which I'll keep through many years. Besides her unique dress I had the honor to meet a special person with a great personality, a real fashion icon and now... a friend. We talked about her Infinite Dress; she told me the story and stated some important facts. While she was busy with the 30th Anniversary of this fashion classic, she warmly welcomed my interview request.

Regarding the history of fashion, Coco Chanel has always been her favorite. “She created what was at the time truly new inventions, e.g., women’s suits, cardigans, straight skirts, all of which are still with us. I realized that after 30 years of women loving the Infinite Dress, it is now a new classic!” she continued.

So let's learn more about Lydia Silvestry, her Infinite Dress and the same concept design; the Infinite Pantsuit. The Infinite Dress is ingeniously constructed with one seam and two long tails allowing a woman to wear the styles that most complement her body. The Infinite Dress is made from a luxurious jersey fabric that doesn't cling and will last for years. It is washable, wrinkle resistant, and makes an ideal traveling dress. The same concept in dressing can be enjoyed with the Infinite Pantsuit.
Senay Topcuoglu [S.T.] —  Dear Lydia; what makes the Infinite Dress so special?

Lydia Silvestry [L.S.] —
“For someone who is getting dressed for an event without knowing if it's going to be casual or elegant, the Infinite Dress can be a huge advantage.

When you own an Infinite Dress you do not have to worry, you have peace of mind.

If the occasion is casual, you have so many options to wear the Infinite Dress to look casual.

If the occasion is more formal, the Infinite Dress is equally versatile in offering you styles to fit the occasion.

All types of styles are possible, from casual to conservative to elegant for gala events. You are free of worries when you wear an Infinite Dress; just change the style to suit the event in only seconds.

The Infinite Dress is a remarkable garment that makes a woman look slim, tall and beautiful”.
S.T. —  Please tell us about the fabric you use for the Infinite Dress.

L.S. —
“As someone who is committed to excellence, I am always looking for ways to improve the Infinite Dress. This year my research led me to several new fabrics. I selected the best one based on the results of tests done by the Senior Research Scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology's Textile Engineering Department. This latest fabric is absolutely luxurious and the best and strongest yet.

I also researched thread strengths to assure we use the best possible thread in the production of the Infinite Dress and that the pulling of the dress tails can be done with no breaks and without compromising stitch integrity. As a result, we offer the strongest and highest quality garment. I know of no other designer that engages in such in-depth search for quality.

The fabric drapes like a dream and it is cut to truly fit every shape and form. No other dress in the world fits like the Infinite Dress because it is precisely cut to take your particular shape and make it better. This is the secret why women look so much thinner when they wear my Infinite Dress."
Go Strapless
A model wearing
Black Infinite Infinite™ Dress.
She's showing the
"Go Strapless" style of the
Infinite™ Dress

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