Le Cuir A Paris
Spring / Summer 2006
Fashion Themes & Color Trends
Poetique Ballade
Infused with spirituality, the untamed Romantic festoons the trees with lace.
Delicate and tender, she distils essence of simplicity and feeds on bread and wild berries.
Light and luminous, she roams the countryside in organdie petticoats. Impeccable and sweet-toothed, she pods peas, piles up macaroons and smoothes on whipped cream.

Colour mood :
Off white, white story, string and shell.

Dusty mauve, whitened greys.
Turquoise powder with muted
browns, antique beiges, rustic
pinks, stone greys.

Watery colours: greens and liquid
sky blues.
Gipsy FolkMania
A sexy flamenco dancer twirling to Mediterranean folk tunes.
A tragic, languid beauty, redrawn
by Salvador Dali, gliding down the wrought iron stairs of her Vallauris villa.
A cool intellectual sitting in a deckchair with its striped canvas bleached by the sun, reading
Bonjour tristesse in the shade
of a fig tree.
Colour mood:
Light and shade: black and white.

Summery outdoor colours: Provencal blue, lavender, cyan, china blue.
Ochre, honey amber, pottery green, sage, linden and olive green.

Terracotta colours, red tiles.
Tropic Tropisme
An elegant peroxide blonde, dripping with accessories, wearing dramatic make up and a sexy look, queen of the jet set, perched on stilettos and sipping a cocktail.
Her changing taffeta housecoat, casually falls open to reveal a draped swimsuit in sandy stretch nappa.
Always on the go between Dubai and Miami.
Colour mood :
Festive colours: strange blue, violent green, deep purple.

Retro colours: grenadine and grapefruit, gladiolus pink, refreshing green.

Monochrome or shades of one colour.
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Primitive Energy
Attracted to primitive art, she piles up amber necklaces and time-worn purple wood bracelets, flips through the Revue Blanche looking for inspiration in the negro art of the twenties, mixes Art Deco codes and 70s graphics, visits the First Arts section in the Louvre to decipher the modernity of tribal art, discovers the work of young African designers.
Slips into a sunburst pleated skirt to dance to the beat of the tam-tam, sprinkles her body with gold dust and dreams of travelling in the land of the Dogon.
Colour mood :
Dark, contrasted colours.
Gold, African blues.

Very black, sea black, cuttlefish ink, coal, liquorice.
Very brown: chocolate, coffee, sepia.

Very white: matt white, textured white.
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