PANTONE® Fashion Color Report Vol. 23
February 2005, New York Fashion Week Special
As the days grow shorter and the temperature falls, Gotham is awash in a sea of austere Atmosphere gray the overcast sky, the concrete sidewalks, the metal of buildings mirrored into infinity by miles of glass windows. New York designers stand against the tide, revealing their innermost secrets, indulging their fantasies. Time and space are their playthings. In their minds eyes, towering skyscrapers transform into
the soaring gables of a manor house rising behind a dense wood in the English countryside. An equestrienne garbed in a herringbone tweed jacket with breeches of Burnt Olive canters camouflaged through the Moss covert. A dashing deer the color of Glazed Ginger catches the rider's eye...
The reverie moves to a Native American community in the days before the settlers, where a deeply tanned woman sits quietly weaving artful textiles. She looks out over the field of squash and pumpkin growing in the rich brown soil, their Burnt Orange echoing the late afternoon sun... In another vision, noble peacocks of Moroccan Blue promenade through the courtyard. A fairy tale princess with cascading hair like soft Rattan wears a velvet gown of rich Gloxinia. The corset hugs her tightly as she lifts Ruby Wine to her lips, red as the American Beauty rose.
The top 10 most directional women's ready-to-wear colors for Fall 2005 (along with printing values) are:


 PANTONE 19-4241  Moroccan Blue C=100 M=50 Y=20


 PANTONE 18-1154  Glazed Ginger C=0 M=50 Y=100 K=27


 PANTONE 19-1759  American Beauty C=0 M=100 Y=100 K=25


 PANTONE 19-1629  Ruby Wine C=0 M=100 Y=65 K=55


 PANTONE 16-1406  Atmosphere C=0 M=7 Y=20 K=30


 PANTONE 18-0521  Burnt Olive C=50 M=25 Y=100 K=45


 PANTONE 19-3022  Gloxinia C=48 M=100 Y=0 K=35


 PANTONE 14-1031  Rattan C=10 M=15 Y=75 K=5


 PANTONE 16-0532  Moss C=5 M=0 Y=100 K=35


 PANTONE 16-1448  Burnt Orange C=0 M=50 Y=100 K=7

[Source : PANTONE®] / [Download the full PANTONE® Fashion Color Report Fall 2005 here] 
PREMIERE VISION Fall / Winter 2005 / 2006
For next winter season, it's all about mixing and developing interesting contrast. Think differently and use saturated colors as anchors, spicing them up with terrestrial darks, toning them down with muted neutrals and kicking them up with warm and cool contrasts. The key is to experiment with color to create different moods and attitudes.
The past comes alive once again in Europe as two distinctive looks emerge, retro-vintage and the deconstructed styling that is now being borrowed from the 1980's designers from Belgium and Japan. For women, the idea of femininity is taking on a more realistic look, which now emphasizes pretty fabrics and styling, but not overly frilly or a look reminiscent of the Stepford Wives. For men, it was about remix by using dress-up elements for both the office and lay.
Dorlastan Trend Information Fall / Winter 2005 / 2006
Goodbye sadness and farewell black-only and modesty! This color card expresses the wish to come out of the dark and bring some sunshine into our lives... Next winter, it will all be about different color proportions: colors of different qualities will find each other and will create a new harmony in new compositions. Cold and warm, pure and impure, light and dark: these new color combinations will cheer up the gloom of winter! Here is the Dorlastan Color Forecast...
Skin Flirt
Natural nuances, which almost fade out the difference between skin color and material as these gradually shade into each other. Fresh color accents in prints, embroidery or applications revive this image. A winter vanilla is the new winter white.
Day & Night
Soft mid tones and their shadows against which all the bright hues spring to life.
From rose to hyacinth and ultra violet: purplish shades are back again.
A rustle of autumn leaves breezes in. If these colors are used in shiny fabrics they show the new play of contrasts.
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