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Fashion Trendsetter Team

Color your business beautiful & inspire customers

"...But if you want to know what the hot colors are, check out some of the color forecasters. The most well known: Pantone. Go to . For fashion trends, try "

Rieva Lesonsky

Microsoft Small Business Center
Hello Senay;

Winston Churchill once advised to write as you think and the reader will understand.

It takes a unique talent to write what you see so that the reader will see. Whoever writes the content for your web site writes the most effective descriptive text I have ever read. Excellent work. The best of luck and success!

Vanessa C. Silva

U.S. - 19 Years Marketing & Sales, 33 Years Verbal & Written Communications
Countless Words Read
Fashion Trendsetter is the one fashion website that I look to for international fashion trends and news. Whenever my clients' products appear on their web pages or email blasts, international interest spikes. It seems to be the site that is also most “syndicated, stolen or appropriated” by other sites educating their readers on what's hot. I love how viral information is when its published by

Matt Meyerson

Sr. V.P. , Product Placement | B|W|R Public Relations
I am so impressed with the breadth and depth of fashion information offered on Fashion Trendsetter. It's easy to navigate and looks like the editorial section of a fashion magazine; sleek and creative.

Lorraine Nuzzo
Editor, Style Envy |
VERY nice fashion website... Brilliant pictures and great content!

Michele Obi
My Fashion Life |
Senay, I've had a good browse round your site - very interesting and very informative...

Kim Bolsover | |
I've visited Fashion Trendsetter many times and know how dedicated you are to giving the latest trend reports and forecasting new fashions, designers, etc.

Jennifer Gesimondo

Editor-In-Chief, The Fashion Journal |
Hello! As readers of your site who enjoy your eye for fashion and design...

Kimberly Mowers

Principal | Zaum | Handmade Portable Fashion |
I am a HUGE fan of your website! From the thorough information provided to the layout/ease of use….nice work!! I have referred many retailers and other designers; they all give it the thumbs-up!

Jan Di Cintio

Owner, Designer - Daisy Janie |
Hi there! I have just found your website and I absolutely love it! It's fab!

Rebecca Doyle
chez Bec |
Great site you have!

Matthijs van der Velden
This is a terrific source for colors for the coming seasons. It's great to let you know what color beads you need to have on hand.

Ann Lacava
Fast forward to post-proposal conversations about color, where I suggested a citrus combination of our favorite colors of yellow and orange, and Mr. Lemon exclaimed, “But I always thought it was going to be blue and gold?” In order to assure that I wasn't breaking any crazy color rules, I went searching for the color forecasts for Summer 2007 from . And low and behold…it not only works, but it's perfect for the season!

Miss Lemon
Weddingbee |
For a fantastic online fashion forecasting, trend reporting and colour prediction service click below. Also available is a calendar of events for Paris, New York, London and Milan.

Limperts Academy of Design
Be a fashionista, and stay on top of the latest color trends of the fashion industry at Fashion Trendsetter.

Darryl Ohrt
...Designing a page around a new color scheme can jump-start your creativity and boost your spirits. It works for me!

Tips: Visit Click on color trends for color palette choices tied to the upcoming season...

Joanna Bolick
Breathe Life Into Your Scrapbooking |

New Hues - Say hello to colors that pop

As the seasons change, so do colors, and's roundup of color trends points out which hues are hot this season. Think earthy tones and rich, dark colors that represent the environmentally-friendly movements happening in the business world. Fresh greens, pale yellows and natural blues are in; drab olives and browns are out. New technology is represented by grays and intense colors like red, pink, violet and various shades of green.

James Park
Entrepreneur Magazine |

"...While making my ‘must sew’ list for the upcoming season, I stumbled across a new fashion forecasting website, Fashion Trendsetter. Not only does this site predict upcoming color trends, but also hot fabrics, and accessories. Be sure to check it out before you start your next project!"

Stacy Sews
BurdaStyle |

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