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NILIT® BodyFashion and Activewear Trends for Spring/Summer 2011/2012

Download Nilit Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Book | Pdf File [7.3 MB]

Nilit® Announced Its New Trend Concepts for Bodywear and Active-Sports Wear for Spring/Summer 2012 Which Will Be Presented in the Nilit® Bodyfashion Trendbook.

Spring/Summer 2012 marks an era which emphasizes a more wholesome existence by replacing the material excesses of the pre-recession society with a new value system and a broader vision of the world. Consumers are adapting to a new model of living based on a future which combines technology with a sense of consideration and awareness of society's collective responsibility."

For bodywear and activewear, design extends beyond aesthetics. Once more technology meets creativity as the leading fashion trends underscore the product's value by emphasizing innovation and performance. Innovation embodies the search for new discoveries and solutions with an accelerated sense of urgency as we seek a stable path for future growth and renewed opportunity.

Innovation is the key at NILIT® and our consistent leadership in technology and innovation sets the standard for nylon 6.6 yarns globally. NILIT®'s unique and diverse products continue to open new creative vistas which inspire a new generation of state-of-the art products that express the latest fashion trends and are in perfect harmony with the environment.

Today's mega-trends which inspire yarn technology and innovation are ECO-DESIGN, SENSUAL LUXURY, COLORFUL FLEXABILITY, DYNAMIC VERSATILITY, WELLBEING & COMFORT and ENVELOPING PROTECTION. The NILIT Trendbook recommends the yarns needed to create the dynamic products which will lead the fashion trends for the coming season.

Bodywear Trends

The Trendbook defines three BODYWEAR trends for SUMMER 2012 and highlights the yarn innovations best suited to these trends:

Activewear Trends

The NILIT TRENDBOOK defines three ACTIVE-SPORTSWEAR trends for SPRING-SUMMER 2012 with the accent on high-performance yarn innovation.
Origins (Mega-Trend: Wellbeing & Comfort)
ORIGINS evoke a new sense of spirituality, an affinity with the world of nature and a rediscovery of the instincts buried deep within us. The trend embodies a return to innocence expressed in an up-dated vintage look and fine-gauge knits with a natural touch.
Inspired by the elements of earth and sky, the focus is on lightness and fabrics which boast softness, comfort and excellent shape retention. An authentic natural handle and heathered effect can be created from NILIT Arafelle yarn.
Summit (Mega-Trend: Enveloping Protection)
The great outdoors provides the inspiration for hiking, climbing and sports that embrace the elements and require tough, durable garments with engineered ergonomic features.
A high level of protection is essential in sports involving sustained physical activities in extreme conditions. NILIT Bodyfesh fibers have anti-microbial properties that provide anti-bacterial protection and minimize odor.
Treasure (Mega-Trend: Sensual Luxury)
The desire for luxury is expressed with a greater focus on refined beauty and an appreciation of the antique and couture tradition. Unexpected contrasts of fabrics from the world of interiors enter the realm of lingerie in sublime color combinations with an eccentric twist.
Silk, lavish jacquards and taffeta inspire second-skin fabrics in the couture spirit. A sensual lingerie mood demands fabric with a fluid hand and luxurious touch. The elegance and high luster of satin is created using NILIT Britex yarn.
Synergy (Mega-Trend: Eco Design)
SYNERGY explores an instinct for harmony and stability and centers on meditative sports such as yoga and Pilates. The emphasis is on comfort for activewear with a relaxed and elegant aesthetic.
Design embraces innovation and creativity while harmonizing with the environment. Merging protection, well-being and ecology, products are created using NILIT EcoCare recycled yarns which are in line with the global awareness of eco-friendly manufacturing processes.
Anti Icon (Mega-Trend: Colorful Flexability)
Bodywear that is worn to make a statement combines eclectic urban elements which embody contradiction and provocation. Breaking all the rules, the look is energetic, non-conformist and is worn with ardor and a touch of anti-style.
Streetwear-inspired, the trend is a showy meeting of diverse fabrications, bold patterns and striking colors. Daring color combinations are created using NILIT Colorwise yarns which go hand in hand with performance functions and flexibility.
Freestyle (Mega-Trend: Dynamic Versatility)
Crossing the boundary between technology and street fashion, the FREESTYLE trend highlights multi-functional products that combine versatile wearability with urban cool.

The streetwise appeal of activewear demands fabrics and textures which reinforce strength and resistance while combining breathability and moisture management. Garments made from NILIT Aquarius fibers have moisture-wicking properties which remains effective even after repeated washings.

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