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Premiere Vision Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2009/2010

Premiere Vision Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2009/2010

Premiere Vision Color Trends Autumn Winter 2009/10
Image courtesy of Premiere Vision
The Spirit of the Autumn/ Winter 2009/10 Season

The Spirit of the Autumn/ Winter 2009/2010 Season

saturating/rebounding/interpreting to revive a combative confidence and creative boldness
fearlessly experimenting
flaunting fantasy without guilt
being moved by reckless handles
provoking unusual behaviors
running away with heaviness
abandoning consensus
eluding codes/ intersecting references
shuffling aesthetic boundaries
linking technology and an environmental conscience
setting differences ablaze
drawing on fabric and color as generators of energy
strengthening the positive tensions within the fashion whirlwind
to thrust ourselves into the future
and radiate with optimism

The Color Trends for Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 Season

--Seizing on color as a power source to jolt colorful tensions.
--Maintaining equal pressure on liveliness and neutrality and encouraging luminosity.
--Heightening intensity, and circulating energy in a positive, rippling or alternating current.

Electric Shocks
Deeply colored darks contrast in a binary and high-voltage cadence with subversive and grating brights.

Flamboyant Resonance
Volcanic condensations intersect, in an undulating and explosive harmony, with voluptuous incandescence.

Silent Agitations

Warm and lightened neutrals interplay, in ambiguously multi-colored tone-on-tone, with deliciously tinted suaves.
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Editor's Note:

Premiere Vision Autumn Winter 2009/2010 Season Colors are decoded visually by using PANTONE© Solid Coated.

To get the exact color codes please visit Premiere Vision online boutique at:

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