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Interfilière Fashion & Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2013/14

Interfilière Fashion & Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2013/14

The Most Enduring Form of Refinement: A Powerful and Effective Antidote to the Economic Crisis.

1 Antique Copper
2 Matt Bronze
3 Violet de Mars
4 Black Forest
5 Burnt Earth
6 Wax
7 Brushed Vermeil
8 Whitened Lead
9 Ink
10 Storm
11 Coal
12 Pink Terracotta
13 Hydrangea
14 Cranberry
15 Pistachio
16 Lost Time
17 Heather
18 Silk
19 Angel Feather
20 Rice Powder
21 Strawberry Sherbet
24 FLOC !
25 OUPS !
26 WIZZ !
Interfilière Fashion & Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2013/14 (Pdf File 696 KB)

[Paris], June 7 , 2012 - The hottest recession-proof things: Prettiness & Durability.

Timeless lingerie every woman always wanted and will always be dreaming of. No trendy gags just for effect. Colors, materials, shapes all tested for timeless beauty. But never boring and not back to 'safe' classics. Precise in every detail, worth spending money on. The hottest word for seasons to come is CARING!

Big comeback of the French Lingerie Style. Do major fabric research and avoid 'have-seen-before'. Those bias-cut 30's gowns & PJ's will now be in super easycare, luxury feel & look Dogi tricot. Stiff satin poly is definitely OUT - but satin poly from Boselli is very in. We love those PJ's in 'Coco before Chanel' mood. See the movie, so spot on! So is The Great Gatsby, remake or original. Indulge in softness like 'new and classy': bras without padding! Soft concealed wire casings, development in Spacers. SOFT, softer, softest fabrics but with spring! The luxury feel can never be limp or stiff!

The Colors

'Beauty is in everything and knows no boundaries, geographic or historical'.

That sums up the creative mood of our colour experts which which introduces trend guide. Liberated from commercial constraints, the stylists expressed a strong love for colors that talk about emotion and, together with the more

Four Key Themes

The New Eve

This is a sort of detoxification of lingerie: discard everything that is only for effect and start allover again. Lingerie as it should be: delightfully intimate and precious. Intimate memories and forgotten skills re-interpreted by new technology. A big revival of the French Style, detailed, light, frivolous. Delicate powdery colours with a hint of decadence. The reign of Alexander McQueen directs the floral revival focused on timeless beauty.


The new blacks tell the story of the myriad of fantasies and dreams that are related to the mystique of the night. When nature exudes its sweet romanticism and flowers metamorphose into erotic phantoms. In this world of delightful darkness seduction thrives on surprise and effects. The body is decorated and embellished to communicate desire at its most refined and sophisticated. Eroticism at its most sublime!


A dream of tomorrow against the reality of a planet in danger. Inspiration from earlier hotbeds of modernism: the twenties, fifties, sixties but now in the context of the growing need for humility with regards to resources. The focus is on using modern technology for inspiration. Not only for comfort and construction, but also as an imaginary source. Pixels, fractals and the onslaught of 3D technology boggles the mind. Technology in the hands of stylists focused on a new direction for beauty.

Play Time

Dreaming of a world where the magic of transformation is reality? Then join the growing club of designers worldwide who are leading a new renaissance in design. A world where the old classification codes no longer apply. Where the idea of hiding in your own cocoon is no longer a sign of weakness. Where, in the parallel universe where Steve Jobs was uncrowned king, playfulness is no longer a synonym for immaturity. Life accelerates: at home, on holiday ... wherever there is a laptop.
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