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Spring 2007 Fashion Color Report by PANTONE®, Inc.

Source :
PANTONE Fashion Color Report Vol. 26.

PANTONE 12-1206
Silver Peony
C:3 M:13 Y:15 K:0

PANTONE 13-0648
Green Sheen
C:13 M:5 Y:72 K:0

For 13 years, Pantone has surveyed the designers of New York Fashion Week to bring us the season’s most important color trends. This sketchbook previews color for spring 2007.

New York Fashion Week,
September 8-15, 2006

New York fashion designers are flourishing in a season of new beginnings, using surprising neutrals with innovative splashes of corals, yellows and purples to create a spring in bloom. Tarragon is the freshly cut stem to the blossoming shades of sweet Strawberry Ice, warm Golden Apricot and violet-infused Hollyhock. Café Crème is the rich, creamy contrast to the serenity of calming Sky Blue or the deliciousness of refreshing Grapemist.

The yellow glow of gleaming Green Sheen and the blushing beauty of diaphanous Silver Peony reflect the infusion of life brought by spring. While cool Frost Gray was an important presence in fall of '06, the newest neutral for spring is found in glimmering Opal Gray, providing the background to spring's multifaceted, complex brights that can make even the most basic silhouette come alive.

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Headquartered in Carlstadt, N.J., Pantone, Inc. is the world–renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE® Name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer. For more information about the PANTONE® products, please visit

PANTONE 15-0326
C:37 M:7 Y:60 K:0

PANTONE 16-3929
C:57 M:28 Y:1 K:0

Opal Gray
C:34 M:21 Y:28 K:0

PANTONE 16 -1220
Café Crème
C:19 M:38 Y:45 K:5

PANTONE 14-1041
Golden Apricot
C:8 M:26 Y:70 K:0

PANTONE 16 -1720
Strawberry Ice
C:1 M:56 Y:29 K:0

PANTONE 19-2924
C:55 M:97 Y:14 K:3

PANTONE 14-4318
Sky Blue
C:45 M:9 Y:8 K:0

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