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ColorForward 2010 | Global Color Forecast and Trend Inspirations


ColorForward™ is a Major Initiative of Clariant’s Global ColorWorks™ Design Centers.

An annual endeavor by an international team of color experts, helping designers and brand managers make successful color choices for tomorrow’s products.

ColorForward is an essential guide for marketers seeking a competitive advantage.

Identifies cultural and lifestyle trends with true global relevance.

Analyzes societal and mass-market influences.

Forecast colors are springboards for inspiration, interpretation and adaptation to specific product and market requirements.

Each year, the ColorForward team explores global cultural influences and lifestyle trends to gauge their impact on color directions for future consumer products.

Download PDF Document (3.04 mb)

The 2010 Edition of ColorForward Focuses on Four Key Societal Trends:

- Reinventing Happiness
• In an unstable world, personal satisfaction and quality of life gain new importance.
• Time is a precious commodity to be spent on self-indulgence, self discovery and enjoyment.
• Luxury translates to freedom, harmony and well-being.

- Tech It Easy
• We embrace technology’s ability to serve universal needs with new materials and multifunctional products.
• Design aesthetics combine with manufacturing craftsmanship, adding performance and value.
• New business partnerships evolve, and co-branding is a growing reality.

- Embracing Gaia
• The Earth inspires products and lifestyles with new levels of sensory appeal.
• Biomimicry, a new scientific discipline, applies nature’s solutions to human society.
• Green concepts permeate our lives – organics, sustainability, hybrids, new forms of energy.

- Age Shock
• GRUPS (today's grownups) defy the aging process, measuring age solely by attitude toward life.
• Generational boundaries are dissolving. "Youthful" appeals to mature consumers with more discretionary income.
• Savvy "young affluents" are the focus of high-end marketers.

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