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Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2008

Designers Dive into Color for Spring 2008 | New York Fashion Week, September 5 – 12, 2007

Bill Blass

Ashes of Roses and Summer
Tan with Dusty Pale Blue
The Great Gatsby
Ashes of Roses

Golden Olive
PANTONE® 16-0639
CMYK 27 25 90 3
GOE 141-1-4
Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today released the PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2008.

The report features the top 10 colors for women's fashion for spring '08, designer sketches, quotes and headshots. The availability of the PANTONE Fashion Color Report coincides with the beginning of New York Fashion Week and is available free-of-charge from the Pantone Website at:

According to the report, the spring '08 palette is defined by classic, versatile neutrals punctuated by splashes of invigorating brights, empowering consumers to explore new and creative ways to combine colors.

Variations on popular colors such as energizing red, cool, waterborne blue and eco-friendly green also play a key role this season.

"The spring '08 color palette perfectly reflects the cheerfulness of the season," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "Stabilizing neutrals combined with pops of brighter colors to create unique, distinctive looks are the basis for a great spring and summer wardrobe."

Vibrant Snorkel Blue, a favorite this season among designers, is a dependable navy, but with more animation and sophistication. Warm, cheerful Freesia is an uplifting and inviting color to which people are instinctively drawn. It is also a color that allows for diverse accessorizing opportunities in jewelry and shoes. Brighter reds are consistent favorites in spring, and provocative Rococco Red is an exciting, attention-getting classic. The deep pink undertones of flowery Spring Crocus make it among the prettiest, most wearable purples.

Revitalizing Daiquiri Green, a brighter version of the popular earth-tone yellow-greens naturally associated with eco-awareness, is a refreshing complement to the coolness of Pink Mist. This delicate, subtle pink with blue undertones pairs perfectly with any color in the palette for a feminine look. Against neutrals, luscious Cantaloupe is warm and nurturing - a great addition to any wardrobe, especially when paired with chocolate browns.
Spring Crocus
PANTONE® 17-3020
CMYK 26 63 0 0
GOE 37-2-3
Rococco Red
PANTONE® 18-1652
CMYK 12 99 74 0
GOE 23-2-6
Pink Mist
PANTONE® 13-2805
CMYK 3 23 1 0
GOE 29-1-2
PANTONE® 16-0924
CMYK 15 23 50 5
GOE 145-2-1
PANTONE® 14-0852
CMYK 0 14 100 0
GOE 6 -1-2
PANTONE® 15-1239
CMYK 0 37 48 0
GOE 15 -1- 3
Daiquiri Green
PANTONE® 12-0435
CMYK 23 1 60 0
GOE 135-2-1
Snorkel Blue
PANTONE® 19-4049
CMYK 100 49 7 13
GOE 81-1- 5
Silver Gray
PANTONE® 14-0000
CMYK 38 28 32 2
GOE 157-1-1
Glitzy Sliver Gray has a sheen reminiscent of the popular metallics that add a touch of excitement to any outfit. With its beautiful undertones, Croissant is a delicious base for spring's more exciting accents. Trans-seasonal Golden Olive is another distinctive staple and tasteful accompaniment to 2008's newest shades.

The colors featured in the PANTONE Fashion Color Report are culled from the PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System, the most widely used and recognized color standard in the world. Each season, Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week to collect feedback on prominent collection colors, color inspiration and color philosophy. This information is used to create the PANTONE Fashion Color Report and serves as a reference tool throughout the year for fashion enthusiasts, reporters and retailers.

For more information about the Pantone Goe System please read

About Pantone, Inc.

Pantone, Inc. has been the world's color authority for 45 years, providing design professionals with products and services for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity. Always a source for color inspiration, Pantone now offers paint and designer-inspired products and services for consumers. More information is available at

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