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by Graphic Design USA 
Color communicates, color inspires, color sells. That's why color forecasts and directions are so fascinating on a theoretical level, and so critical on a practical level for marketers, manufacturers, retailers and designers.
This special report includes insights and examples from the likes of the Color Association of the United States, the Pantone Color Institute, The Color Marketing Group and more.
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Dorlastan Color Trends for Spring / Summer 2006
Check out Dorlastan Color Trends for Spring / Summer 2006 season in two different color groups combined by Dorlastan as "Color Moods [Part 1]" and "Color Moments [Part 2]". According to Dorlastan, for spring/summer 2006, the spectrum of colors will range from strong, vibrant and intense tones to delicate and soft ones. We will be able to switch easily from one atmosphere to another or to create a new vitality by mixing the two.
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