Color is a given for menswear for Spring 2005.
Colors, Colour, Color© were the only words to describe what
was seen at the MAGIC menswear show for Spring/Summer
There were a barrage of shades that emphasized men's acceptance and affection for color in their wardrobes.
Gone are the doldrums of navy and black, and the only way
these two shades were seen were when they were teamed
up with bold citrus shades of apple, orange, yellow or mouth-watering sorbets of apricot, lime and cantaloupe.
Styling was casual and comfortable, giving the men's market
a way to express color in simple understated clothing.
A season that boasts a need for energy, lightness, playfulness and fantasy was the key message at Premier Vision for Summer 2005. The newness for next year is the creation of precise products that are both utilatarian and novel.
Europeans get it right once again with ingenious detail and pretty colors. Colors for next season are an interesting mix of naturals, darks and piquant bright shades and textile design takes center stage with looks that are fresh, colorful and technical. Say hello to Hollywood with all its glamour.
Europe's love affair with celebrity shows no signs of slowing down or its affection for the revolutionary 60's and 70's. The spring 2004 season offers clothing that caters to a woman's sense and sensibility and her desire to be feminine and pretty. For men, there is a return to fun springtime shades for woven shirts and circular knits.
Vitamin Colors for Spring / Summer 2005 
A limpid harmony of off-whites and greyish light tones offset by brown or anthracite.
Skin and make-up tones: powdered pinks and soft browns illuminated by a delicate lavender blue.
The subtlety of golden neutrals and greyish greens reminiscent of a landscape scorched by the summer sun.
Distorted primaries: bleached or darkened, almost clumsy.
The intensity and generosity of pinks and oranges
tempered by an emerald green.
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