"Western Retro" a Fashion Trend this Christmas Season

Chinga Chinga Jacket by Double D
Rock n Star Jacket
This year, retailers are finding some new trends emerging for the Christmas season. One of the most powerfully chic movements is not at all new; it is a throwback to a classic, leathered, western look, but with an edge. This Western Retro trend is not only taking over people's wardrobes, but their home decor as well.

Everything from western hats to boots to jewelry will be hot this holiday season. Western retro shirts, classic western boots, and fine dress shirts for men are in high demand. For women, a variety of options are available, from hats to footwear. Common materials include leather, wool, suede, and velvet, and many brands are taking advantage of this style with new lines of suitable apparel.

The western retro shirt, previously in demand primarily by performers and those true western enthusiasts, has been brought back to life from the late 1930's to 1950's, when the day of the "B" Westerns and Tom Mix, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were so popular. Today more than ever, you'll see these western retro shirts on the backs of many country western stars, not to mention kids at every college campus across the country.

This style has also been called Western Haute Couture. Influences from the southwest, Native American, and western cultures produce an upfront style that is not only classic in appearance, but -new- all the same.

Double D Ranchwear is one of the premiere clothing manufacturers to produce western wear with a touch and discriminating quality that rivals the most reveled clothing manufacturers. Lucchese, and its line of Charlie 1 Horse mules and boots, are in high demand this year by women shoppers for their solid construction, innovative color palette, powerful look, and comfort.
About Yosemite Hide
One of the premier websites that showcases this style across its entire line of western products is http://www.yosemitehide.com. Yosemite Hide prides itself on offering only the finest in western apparel and decor and will not settle for anything of par quality. Since 1998, this true mom'n pop operation offers only the finest products to meet the needs of the true western and outdoor enthusiast, and their product line truly represents this discriminating "Western Retro" style. For more information on Yosemite Hide's line of "Western Retro" wear, visit http://www.yosemitehide.com.
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