Global Sports Style Award summer 05 with New Highlights

- Expansion of the topics with Golf and Yachting Styles
- Nomination of the participating brands by an international media jury
- Presenting of awards by selected fashion and sports style dealers for the best outfits
- Award ceremony within the framework of the GQ Style Night
The sports style segment is again going to present a great variety of products in Hall A1 of the New Munich Trade Fair at ispovision summer 05 from Sunday, July 3, until Tuesday, July 5, 2005. In focus: yachting, golf and premium sports style. These topics will also be reflected at the Global Sports Style Awards summer 05, where the best brands of the industry will compete.
An international media jury composed of experienced and skilled editors-in-chief and journalists of the trade and fashion press will nominate the most outstanding sports style brands.
The members of the nominating jury for the Global Sports Style Awards Summer 05 are:
  • Lisa Feldmann (Chief Editor Annabelle, Switzerland)
  • Reinhard Haas (Chief Editor GQ, Germany)
  • Uffe Burchard (Chief Editor Dansk Magazine, Denmark)
  • Andreas Leicht (Vice Chief Editor Fit for Fun, Germany)
  • Nikolaus Albrecht (Chief Editor Glamour, Germany)
  • Michael Werner (Chief Editor TextilWirtschaft, Germany)
  • Rainer Schlatmann (Publisher JNC, Germany)
  • Stephan Huber (Chief Editor UCM-Verlag, Austria)
  • Martin Magielka (Chief Editor Streetwear Today, Germany)
  • Wolfgang Lutterbach (Editor in Charge Sportswear int. News, Germany)
  • Emilie Marsh (Editor Woman's Wear Daily, France)
The award winner will be selected by an international jury composed of fashion specialist dealers from seven countries. In the composition of the jury, the golf trade was also a focal point, because fashionable golf clothing is becoming increasingly important in the sports style segment. The best brands and outfits of the summer season 2006 will be evaluated according to the criteria of spirit of the times and innovation, but also for the criterion of salability, which is essential for market staying power. The selection will be made at the booth of the Global Sports Style Awards. Specialist dealers can obtain a complete and concise overview of the latest trends in sports style on an area of 200 sq. m. there.
As already at the last Global Sports Style Awards in the winter, the awards will be presented in a total of four product and three supplementary categories:

- Footwear women & Footwear men
- Outfit women & Outfit men
- Designer of the Year
- Brand of the Year
- Newcomer of the Year
The awards will be presented within the framework of the GQ Style Night in Hall A1 of the New Munich Trade Fair Centre on July 4, 2005. On this evening, the complete sports style scene will meet and celebrate the award winners with good music and in a relaxed ambience.
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