Autumn / Winter '06-'07 Collections
20, 21, 22, 23 September 2005- Paris
Autumn-Winter 2006-'07 collections for Flat bed Knitting yarns and Spring-Summer 2007 collections for weaving and circular knitting yarns.
20 Sept:
special pre-registered buyers day / 21-23 Sept: open to all professional visitors
Expofil is a world leader in the yarn and fibre sectors. EXPOFIL takes place twice a year at the Parc d' Expositions at Paris-Nord Villepinte. 90 exhibitors from 20 countries welcome some 14,000 trade visitors from 100 countries. EXPOFIL provides the whole textile industry with fashion information, colours and materials, well known and used the world over.

The show is organised by the company PVE S.A., a subsidiary of the French Association for the Promotion of Textile Yarns (AFPFT) and of the association Premiere Vision. PVE S.A's board of directors includes representatives of weavers and spinners.
Atmosphere of the Autumnn/Winter '06-'07
Envelopping is the spirit of the season for yarns for weaving and circular knitting. it is illustrated in 4 themes.
The themes : Sealing / Muffling / Camouflaging /Wrapping
Garden of delights
Autumn feeling with warm and
natural tones. Materials take on the appearance of plant capsules, sometimes glossy and smooth, sometimes rough, dry and fibrous.
We play on the idea of dehiscence: the raw and hard outside hides and protects the precious and cosy inside. Intermingling or opposing them on double face tapes or fabrics enhances fibre qualities. Materials claim their authenticity. A new coherence is found between tactility and look... more
Botanical Garden
A cosy, comfortable and enveloping spirit. Inspiration comes from animal furs: peculiar elegance and wild sensuality. Fur, skin and plush are declined in the natural and classic hues of animal hairs : from very light to very dark.

Curled or brushed yarns, in medium or fine wool, in cashmere, alpaca, camel or mohair, unroll with softness a repertory of luxury aspects: shaved or long, regular or uneven, bushy or thin, plain or spotty...
The envelope turns out ornamental and more beautiful. It is no longer a comfortable protection, it becomes a medium for communication and seduction.
Colours flash with intensity, patterns are declined in random spots or decorative arabesques.

Materials become sophisticated, take on satiny or velvety aspects and are adorned with shiny, iridescent or metallic reflections...
A synthetic and technical wrapping : everything is man-made, however without disregarding ecological awareness.
The quest for modernity does not exclude sophistication or elegance. Artificial colours become tender and reflect in silver.

Wrapping materials influence yarns and fabrics: paper, cellophane, plastic, foam and aluminium foil. We play on translucent effects thanks to polyester, polyamide or non woven tapes...

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