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TREND SPARK! Week 16 | 23.06.2008


By Alexandra Suhner, London Editor | Week 16 | 23.06.2008

Shop Spark!

Fashion Spark!

YSL Edition 24 Yves Saint Laurent will launch its first standalone Edition 24 shop in London's Dover Street Market on July 3rd.

Edition 24 is a collection of travel-inspired pieces with a focus on versatility and functionality. The new concession will feature some limited edition items that will be exclusive to Dover Street Market.

The limited edition collection will feature pieces in red and turquoise labeled with an Yves Saint Laurent/Dover Street Market label. Apparently Stefano Pilati will be making frequent appearances at the new shop, which only helps to confirm Dover Street market's status as one of the best fashion stores in the world.

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Paul & JoeFor those of you that don't know Paul & Joe, it is a collection of women's, men's and children's wear (wouldn't gather that from the name, though...) inspired by the Parisian chic girl-about-town.

Started by Sophie Albou in 1995, the brand sits in the affordable luxury sector, not cheap, but still somewhat accessible, and worn by celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, and Vanessa Paradis.

Paul & Joe have just launched collaboration with Pierre Cardin, with a contract set to last seven years. Entitled Paul & Joe for Pierre Cardin, the collection will feature ten looks every season, and is currently available at all Paul & Joe stockists and stores.

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Show Spark!

Race Spark!

Samantha Goff Last week was Graduate Fashion Week in London. This is when most of Britain's Fashion Degree courses get together and put on a fashion show and an exhibition of all of their graduate's work.

It is quite impressive to see all of the student's portfolios, and reminds me of when I was a student and actually had the time to be creative and make my work look nice, rather than just rushing through projects and work. One catwalk collection that really caught my eye was Samantha Goff from Kingston.

The collection featured retro swimsuits with matching bathing caps in a variety of pastel tones. Her collection wasn't groundbreaking, but definitely stood out amongst overly creative catwalk looks exhibited by many of the other students. Her swimsuits and all-in-ones would be brilliant this summer for those of us that don't always feel comfortable in a string bikini. The ruffles add volume and the swim-caps will keep your hair looking great. This is definitely a collection I would love to buy for my holidays this summer.

Photo by Christopher Moore
Royal Ascot

The British love their posh traditions, and summer is the best time for it. Hats are in full force during wedding season, Pimms No.1 is the summery drink of choice (a spirit drunk with lemonade, strawberries, cucumber and mint, sounds weird but tastes amazing) and English strawberries are consumed en masse during Wimbledon and any picnic.

Last week, one of Britain's most (un) fashionable summer traditions, and one of the most important social events took place: Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot races. Royal Ascot used to be synonymous with style and class, however, with new guest bring new outfits. This year, to avoid any "improper" outfit choices, Royal Ascot has issue regulations on what you can and can't wear to Ladies day. If only they would consider something similar for awards ceremonies...

Women's dress code:
-skirts can be no shorter than two inches above the knee
-no spaghetti straps, off the shoulder, or halter necks
-formal day dress must be worn
-no bare midriffs
-trousers must match the jacket

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