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TREND SPARK! Week 14 | 07.06.2008

TREND SPARK! Yves Saint Laurent Special Issue

By Alexandra Suhner, London Editor | Week 14 | 07.06.2008

As most of you have probably heard, Yves Saint Laurent passed away on Monday. This fashion legend changed the way women dressed, and is one of the last of a line of great 20th century couturiers whose influence is practically unrivaled in today's world. In honor of his death, I am profiling four of my favorite of his contributions to fashion. Pierre Berge, the designer's business partner and lifelong friend, told reporters on Monday that "YSL followed the liberation of women. I'm not saying he invented it, but he played a part in it."


Mondrian Dress

YSL Smoking

Yves Saint Laurent introduced the trouser suit to women's wardrobe in 1966.

This iconic Helmut Newton photo is so classic and timeless; many of us wear similar suits today.

It makes me think of something my aunt told me a few weeks ago, she has many YSL suits from the 80s that she still wears today, and receives countless compliments.

His ability to create women's clothing that is practical, liberating, sexy and classic was a significant contribution to women's clothing.

Photo by Helmut Newton

YSL Mondrian DressThis simple and also timeless shift dress from 1969 was inspired by Piet Mondrians paintings.

The simplicity of the shape and the placement of the blocks make for a stunning piece.

All the shaping is delicately hidden within the seams.

Photo courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent Archive

Safari Suit


YSL Safari Suit

YSL's safari suits throughout the late 60s and 70s are also a timeless and yet undoubtedly iconic contribution to fashion.

Still a major part of the brands current collections, the safari suits are a nod to YSL frequent ethnic and travel inspirations obvious in many of his collections.

The Safari jacket was mean to be a staple, classic piece, created so that women did not have to buy whole new wardrobes every season.

Photo courtesy of Kent State University Museum

YSL Pret-a-Porter

YSL was the first designer to introduce luxury ready-to-wear.

Rive Gauche, YSL's pret-a-porter collection was one of the first luxury brands to introduce off-the -rack clothing.

The shop, on the left bank in Paris, was opened in 1966 and opened the doors to the now enormous international business of selling designer clothing.

By the way, I love this black dress with the huge pink bow.

The man was a genius and his legend will live on.

Photo courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent Archive

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