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TREND SPARK! Week 13 | 30.05.2008


By Alexandra Suhner, London Editor | Week 13 | 30.05.2008

Color Spark!

Culture Spark!

Hair barrettes from Urban Outfitters

Bright colors are in abundance this summer, but for most people the thought of wearing a full outfit of rainbow bright is slightly daunting.

I have found myself drawn to shiny fuchsia as my attempt to brighten up my black, white and neutral wardrobe.

These hair barrettes, from Urban Outfitters are a perfect way to "summer-fy" your look, as is the bright pink belt I recently bought from ASOS.

Christian Louboutin also does a great pair of sandals, in a wearable height, which works with black, white, or a mish-mash of colors if you are brave.

Photo by Alexandra Suhner

Viktor & Rolf The next exciting fashion exhibition to be happening in London will be the Barbican's The House of Viktor & Rolf. The exhibition, from June 18th to September 21st, will be showcasing the ironic, edgy, and sometimes controversial work of the Dutch duo.

Viktor & Rolf shot to fame when they collaborated with H&M on a high street collection; however, this pair has not lost their integrity. This is an exhibition worth visiting for anyone passionate about the avant-garde in fashion and the exploration of the endless boundaries between fashion and the arts.

More info

Photo via

Shoe Spark!

Fashion Spark!

Roger Vivier ShoesLast week I was shopping in Harrods for my wedding shoes, and I happened to wander into the Roger Vivier section. I was aware that the brand had re-launched, but I didn't realize the collection was so vast, and so spectacular.

I started off buying a pairs of satin, leather and python multicolored stilettos, but returned two hours later to exchange them for a pair of black and white patent platforms (pictured are the tame version.) His shoes are not only beautifully made, but also made in limited numbers, which means they are exclusive in more than just the price (which, by the way, is scarily high.) Brands like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin have lost their exclusivity because of overexposure by celebrities, but shoes by Roger Vivier and Pierre Hardy still have the authenticity most luxury shoppers seek. I say, if you are going to spend a month's rent on a pair of shoes, make it a pair that you won't see ten times on the red carpet.

Photo courtesy of Roger Vivier
Cassette PlayaRolling Stone magazine has recently named Carrie Mundane as the Best Fashion Designer 2008. I try not to use Trend Spark as a negative critique of fashion, but I found this recent announcement quite distressing.

Cassette Playa, her brand, is hardly ground-breaking fashion, and I fear that this sort of encouragement may actually mean that her over sized rainbow neon clothes with OTT prints will stay in fashion for a little bit longer. In London, its over, but that is because it began here, and I presumed the rest of the world would see it as a short-lived, tacky trend, because that is what it was.

Let's hope this is the last we see of it. I don't know any man, or woman who would date a man who wears XXXL t-shirts with MC Hammer pants covered in neon prints.

Photo via

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