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TREND SPARK! Week 11 | 07.05.2008


By Alexandra Suhner, London Editor | Week 11 | 07.05.2008

Fashion Spark!

Film Spark!

Alber Elbaz Alber Elbaz has just announced that Lanvin will be collaborating with Acne Jeans, the Swedish directional denim brand. The collection, which is not meant to be a cheaper or a diffusion line, will simply complement the existing womenswear. That probably means it will still very expensive."

It's time to go back to a product that has a dream to it. I asked myself, 'What kind of jeans can I bring that will be a Lanvin jean and Acne spirit infused in one?" says Elbaz, I am curious too, since he says they won't be skinny jeans, and they will apparently include the Acne "know-how". I am not sure what that means, but there is bound to be an exciting result when these two get together. The collection is set to launch in 2009.

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Sergio RossiSergio Rossi was one of my favorite shoe brands when I lived in Paris, this was before the Manolo, Jimmy Choo, and Louboutin frenzy. In Paris, people often like clothing or accessories for what they are, not because they are from a certain brand or a celebrity has been spotted wearing them.

Sergio Rossi is one of those brands, luxury products, no obvious branding, just good quality, fabulous shoes. What's even more fabulous is this lovely little movie they made to promote their Spring Summer 2008 collection. A warning for those of you working in offices, this one is best watched with the sound on.

For more information:
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Accessory Spark!

Music Spark!

UmbrellaIt’s raining in London, big surprise, and apparently this summer is going to be very hot, and very rainy. I got caught in a downpour yesterday and ran into a pharmacy to buy a tiny, crappy umbrella. I am sure the prices go up when it starts to rain, because the one yesterday set me back £13 (that’s $26.)

I think that is a lot to spend on something that I am going to lose within the week, so I have decided to start taking care not to lose my umbrellas all the time. And since I am going to be needed one most of the summer, I figure I may as well invest in a cool one. Vintage styles are the way to go, and this Beyond Retro umbrella will be a prefect way to fashionably protect myself from the downpours. For all of you in countries that actually get sun in the summer, maybe you can use it as a parasol.

Photo via Beyond Retro
Agyness DeynModels can rarely just be models there days, there is always a pair of jeans/bra/hotel/charity to attach themselves to, and the latest is Agyness Deyn, who is not only having a mannequin built inspired by her, but she is also releasing her first music single.

She is collaborating with the New York based band Five O'Clock Heroes, on their latest track entitled Who. She provides guest vocals and is also in the promotional video. The band must be thrilled; they are getting loads of exposure. I won't make judgements before I hear it, but as far as I am concerned, models are often best off sticking to catwalks and photo shoots. The song, and the new album, Speak Your Language, comes out on Glaze Records on June 23rd.

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