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TREND SPARK! Week 10 | 23.11.2007


By Alexandra Suhner, London Editor | Week 10 | 23.11.2007

Fashion Spark!

Shop Spark!


Draper’s Record is the British fashion trade magazine and Wednesday I was at their annual conference. One of the speakers was from a British retailer called Reiss, who, in recent years, has begun expanding into the US (they have a total of eight US stores).

Not only was his presentation enlightening because he seemed to be one of the few retailers with a positive outlook for the near future, his lecture prompted me to visit their new flagship in London (behind Selfridges) and this was a reminder of how great their collections really are. Reiss is wearable, fashionable, and very high quality, but at a great price point. Most of the pieces look very luxury and none of them look like catwalk knock offs. For a list of US stores see

Selfridges London

I saw this window display at Selfridges (one of London’s top department stores) and it reminded me how innovative London’s store windows can be.

This is surely one of the benefits of living in a fashion city.

I loved the green bulldog!

Click image to enlarge and see where the green bulldog is!

Photo by Alexandra Suhner

Lingerie Spark!

Gift Spark!

Agent Provocateur

There has been some exciting news about Agent Provocateur in the past few weeks. First of all, the majority of the company has been sold to 3i, and Serena Rees will be leaving the company, as her and Joseph Corré are divorcing. Secondly, Agent Provocateur is opening a store in Vancouver. Finally!

Opening in December, the store will be conducting a series of marketing activities including product sampling, and branded entertainment activities under the name “Prepare to be Seduced.” I am sure Vancouverites will all be thrilled to finally have an amazing lingerie store; it has been a long time coming.

Secco ShopThis week’s Gift Spark is from Secco Shop, “Treasure of Wasteland!” This Finnish company recycles industrial products to make all accessories and homeware.

The materials include car tires, washing machine drums, LPs, and computer and typewriting keys. My favourite is the Qwerty River collection, including mobile phone accessories and key chains made from keyboard parts, and the LP Towers home wares, which includes a clock and CD stand made from recycled LPs. This is definitely the perfect gift for the design-conscious, ethically minded person-who-has-it-all, but buy now as it can take a while for international deliveries.

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