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By Alexandra Suhner, London Editor | Week 5 | 19.10.2007

Jewelry Spark!

Fashion Spark!

Gucci Fine JewelryFine jewelry has changed a lot since the days of diamond solitaires and pearl necklaces.

With most luxury brands starting to offer a range of precious metal and stone accessories, it is hard not to be tempted. Gucci's fine jewelry collection uses materials such as brown diamonds, smoky or orange quartz, and pink gold in shapes that are often chunky and in unusual hardware shapes.

Some of the pieces still have the "fancy jewelry" look, but the best ones almost look like costume jewellery, which means only you know just how precious it is.

Audrey Hepburn in ValentinoOur last chance to buy an off-the-rack Valentino dress is next season! Of course the brand will live on, but Spring Summer 2008 was Valentino's last ready-to-wear collection, as he is retiring after the Spring Summer 2008 couture shows in January.

I have always said I won't have a proper wedding unless I can have a Valentino couture wedding dress. So I guess that means unless I win the lottery in the next few months... Let's all make a toast to this fashion legend.

Image from Morris, Bernadine, (1996) - Valentino (The Universe of Fashion) Paris: The Vendome Press

Culture Spark!

Pet Spark!

Star WarsStar Wars is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year so prepare yourselves for a host of Star Wars-inspired art direction and designs.

These photos were taken from the latest issue of 125 magazine (Issue 10) and a recently released book entitled New Photography in China (photographer: Cao Fei,

It is easy to forget just how significant the influence of these films is, now that they are 30 years old, but we are sure to be reminded of it over the next few months.

Image from Cottee, Penny, (2007)- In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... 125 Magazine, Issue 10, pp. 316-323

Juicy Crittoure Juicy Couture's doggy collection, appropriately named Juicy Crittoure, features accessories, clothing, and home ware for dogs.

The t-shirts include motifs such as "Anarchy in the Dog Park" or "Sleep All Day" and the dog beds are inspired by the tracksuits in velour with brash motifs. There are also dog treat jars, leather dog carriers, and place mat sets. If I was going to put my dog through the torture of wearing clothes, I guess it would have to be Juicy Crittoure.

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