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By Alexandra Suhner, London Editor | Week 2 | 28.09.2007

Fashion Spark!

Shoe Spark!

SelfridgeThe leather jacket is back with a vengeance this fall, and with a heavy biker gothic look. Selfridge’s has dedicated an entire window to the trend, and many magazines have features the look, including a superb shoot by Greg Kadel in this month’s Numero.

The best part about this trend is that you don’t need to shop designer to have the look. Burberry and Ralph Lauren are amongst several brands that have included biker pieces in their collections but you can find great jackets in vintage stores, for a fraction of the price. And besides, the biker look is not about looking pristine, anything rugged and worn out works best.
(Photo by Alexandra Suhner)
Lucky New Yorkers will have the chance to buy Repetto shoes previously unavailable in the US. The Earnest Sewn flagship has opened a Repetto pop up store open until December 1st.

The boutique will resemble the Paris flagship and will sell a large range of their ballerina flats, as well as some limited edition styles and holiday exclusives.

Earnest Sewn

821 Washington Street,
New York, USA

Web Spark!

Bargain Spark!

Ebay countless counterfeit problems and scams have forced the fashion auction hunters to search elsewhere and Portero is the site they are turning to.

Online since 2004, Portero’s online auctions specialize in pristine pre-owned luxury goods, from jewellery and accessories to homeware. They guarantee the authenticity by partnering with the brands themselves and they offer a 30 day refund policy.

I have my eye on a Balenciaga motorcycle bag, but unfortunately Portero is expert enough to know what the products are worth, and this bag is still out of my reach!

OK, so we have all heard about the amazing bargains at Primark and it has not yet come across the pond yet…but it is impossible not rave about their collection of cashmere.

The shapes are basic v-necks, cardigans, and short sleeves sweaters with a turned up cuff but the prices are phenomenal.

The range comes in a variety of trendy colours and the pieces sell from £20 to £30 ($40-$60) which beats Gap’s prices by 50%. This makes it worth a trip to England to stock up on winter warmers.


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