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By Alexandra Suhner, London Editor | Week 1 | 21.09.2007

Fashion Spark!

Culture Spark!

BY BarcelonaBarcelona is home to the first bridal store catering to gay men, selling clothing, accessories, wedding rings, and homeware. BY is the first of its kind, however sure to be copied with the many gay marriage laws being passed around the world.

The suits are custom-made and can be lined with personalised fabrics including the couples initials, photos, or writing. The brands they stock include Delgado Buil, Ion Fix, Juanjo Oliva, Locking Shocking and Helena Rohner.
V&A Golden Age of CoutureThe Victoria and Albert museum in London is presenting an Haute Couture exhibition of French and British couture between 1947 and 1957, considered the “Golden Age” of fashion.

The exhibition will feature designs by Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Norman Hartnell, and Balmain. There will also be a focus on the contruction techniques of couture, which are seldom seen by the public, due to the elite market for Haute Couture.

Click here for more information.

Book Spark!

Shop Spark!

Book Spark!BNN has published a series of beautiful textile and graphic design books; called Petit Pattern Books Each book has a theme (flowers, dots) and features pages of intricate, gorgeous prints and motifs.

The books are Japanese and although it is reflected in the style of the artwork, they are still very universal. Each book comes complete with its own CD, so the images are easily used in digital work, and they include instructions on how to use the files in Photoshop and Illustrator. My favourites so far are Flowers & Leaves and the Pictogram book, which features funny little icons. Available in specialist book stores.
TShirt Patisserie

There are many custom t-shirt websites, but TShirt Patisserie is the only one that delivers your personally-designed tee in a stylish chocolate box complete with cupcake.

Their tees are sourced from American Apparel, and you choose your base colour, font colour, text, and font.

TShirt Patisserie operates from a shop on Brick Lane in London, but delivers internationally.

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