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Style-Stalked Seniors

Style-Stalked Seniors | Incredible Fashion Town in Sicily


November 23, 2010 - Mosaicoon has directed a new video about Fashion trends among old people.

It' s a new concept of video because they aim to pay tribute to fashion's heterogeneity and its infinite customization chances among people who should be the most far category from this topic.

The video has been realized by Mosaicoon, a web communication agency (in Palermo).

The place you see in the video is Agira (Enna), a small village in the centre of Sicily and all people in the video come from Agira and they're all real people, not models!

Top Photo - Black Flower Style.
Left Photo - Details make the difference.

Photos courtesy of Mosaicoon -

Here are the considerations by Mosaicoon's art director concerning the video:

"The video is trying to articulate a flexible and liquid concept of fashion. Flexible because contemporary is open to endless possible combinations, possibilities for people who love fragmentation and infinite choices.

Liquid because it dives into completely unexpected context. But only at first sight, because 'mimetic' and intentionally 'cool' capacity of the senior population does exist and the video only revisits often neglected aspect of seniority.

Furthermore, the restructured concept of fashion is playfully incorporated into a documentary format of the video that promotes a new Sicilian identity, freed from stereotypes and old interpretations. Latest trends in street and urban fashion, full of digital components associated to the bloggers world and to the new stiles, are introduced to the scene of a forgotten village of the Sicilian hinterland"

Dandy Style - Photo courtesy of Mosaicoon - Fashion Bench - Photo courtesy of Mosaicoon -
Sicilia Fashion Village
Contrada Mandre Bianche, 94011 - Agira (Enna)
Tel. +39 0935 950040

Mosaicoon - Viral media company
Mosaicoon s.p.a Via Venere, 35 90151 Palermo, Italy
Tel.+39 091 7487239 |

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