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IntelliSkin Introduced the First-Ever Posture Sports Bra

The Empower PostureCue™ Sports Bra is the first to be specifically designed to support the front, from the back for maximum comfort and performance.

IntelliSkin Introduces First-Ever Posture Sports Bra
The Empower PostureCue™ Sports Bra.
Photo Courtesy of IntelliSkin -

October 5, 2011, [Newport Beach, CA] - IntelliSkin, the most advanced posture apparel brand clinically proven to enhance health, performance and recovery, is expanding its activewear collection with a revolutionary style for women unlike any other: The Empower PostureCue™ Sports Bra.

The IntelliSkin PostureCue™ Sports Bra (MSRP$95) features an innovative patent pending design that shifts stress from the shoulders to the back, thereby helping to drastically improve posture with each wear.

Made with the highest-quality double lined, four-way stretch fabric, the PostureCue™ Sports Bra contains breathable mesh paneling that helps tone and strengthen back muscles. Fabrifoam shoulder panels create a comfortable, soothing touch to reduce movement.

"From the moment you try it on, you'll realize the Empower PostureCue™ Sports Bra is unlike any other on the market," said IntelliSkin founder and designer, Dr. Tim Brown.

"Its unique design cues the back muscles and gently lifts the chest for support without over-compressing, which helps women dramatically improve their posture -- and makes them look and feel more fit, instantly. This is the first sports bra for women that merges style, function and performance - it supports the front from the back, just like Mother Nature intended."

In addition to other IntelliSkin products for men and women, the PostureCue™ Sports Bra reduces the likelihood of neck, back or shoulder pain, supports proper spinal alignment, minimizes the risk of injury associated with poor posture, stimulates and tones muscles, and improves respiration and oxygen flow to the brain and muscles. More info about the Empower PostureCue™ Sports Bra can be found at

IntelliSkin Introduces First-Ever Posture Sports Bra IntelliSkin Introduces First-Ever Posture Sports Bra
The Empower PostureCue™ Sports Bra. Photos Courtesy of IntelliSkin -
To celebrate the PostureCue™ Sports Bra launch, IntelliSkin is offering Facebook fans an opportunity to win brand gear, including the new sports bra, IntelliSkin Eve shirt and other merchandise. To win, users must first 'Like' the IntelliSkin Facebook page, then submit their IntelliSkin experience, using the @IntelliSkin tag when referencing the product. Fans can use video and photos to tell their story, with the three best IntelliSkin stories winning. The Facebook contest started yesterday, Tuesday, October 4th.

IntelliSkin products have been worn by some of the biggest names in sports and fitness, including 10-time ASP world champion surfer, Kelly Slater; Florida Marlins infielder Greg Dobbs; PGA champion Mike Weir; and Peter Park, Lance Armstrong's personal trainer. In addition, Dr. Brown has treated celebrities such as Glenn Frey from the Eagles and former Guns n' Roses guitarist Duff McKagan for posture improvement from years of 'guitar back.' Other product ambassadors include a range of fitness trainers from around the country, such as Andrea Orbeck, trainer to Heidi Klum and Usher, among others.

About IntelliSkin

IntelliSkin is a revolutionary posture-enhancing apparel brand designed by renowned sports physician, Dr. Tim Brown, to improve the way you look, feel, perform and live. Featuring a unique design that impacts key areas of the spine and shoulders, IntelliSkin conforms to the individual's back as a second skin and gradually reshapes these areas for improved posture. The product line was developed through Dr. Brown's extensive sports medicine work with volleyball players, surfers and other elite athletes, but is tailored for everyday individuals looking to improve their overall well-being.

World-class athletes such as Misty-May-Treanor and Greg Dobbs, along with respected trainers and physicians, have utilized Intelliskin in their training and recovery programs and spoken on behalf of the brand's benefits. For additional information about IntelliSkin and Dr. Tim Brown, please visit -

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