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Lingerie Deluxe: edition12

Limited Set No. 2: Pure Vichy Silk

June, 12, the online shop of edition12 - possibly one of the most exclusive lingerie series in the world - went online. It is indeed very exclusive because:

"The collection consists of a strictly limited number of pieces. Only a single lingerie set is offered, which was designed specially for the edition12 shop - it is only available for the period of one month, then a new design will be offered.

Moreover, the number of pieces of the monthly offer is limited - it definitively ends with 120 lingerie sets sold world-wide"
says the shopkeeper Katja Campobasso-Hoppenz.

In the language of the lingerie designers the undies are exciting, sensual and tempting. Many of the designs are transparent and sheer and show more than they are hiding. Others are fitted out with peepholes - the panties and bras permit to sneak a peek.

All pieces are designed by the well-known Berlin designer Jutta Teschner, whose label fishbelly has been attracting attention for years now in the so often prude lingerie market.

According to the Playboy Magazine Jutta Teschner belongs to the top ten of international lingerie artists. She has won several international awards.

Exclusive drafts, strict limitation of numbers - it is remarkable that all that does not affect the price. The models of fishbelly edition12 will cost about 150-200 Euros.

This corresponds to the usual retail price for high-quality lingerie - but only for off-the-rail articles. At the same price edition12 offers a piece which only 119 other women will wear.

Where to buy:
Limited Set No. 2: Pure Vichy Silk set includes:

Bra:: Soft padded triangle bra with pink cotton lace.
Black ribbons to tie and untie, pink hem made of cotton lace.
Sleeping Mask: Silky soft sleeping mask with smooth black silk on the inside.
Price: 160 Euro, including taxes and free shipping
Material: 100% Silk
Design: Jutta Teschner, fishbelly
Photo by Stefan Soel | Model: Lia May

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