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Hugo Boss, René Lezard, Paul Stuart Design Nano-Tex Into Latest Fashions

René Lezard Blazer
René Lezard Blazer

Leading international fashion houses Hugo Boss, René Lezard and Paul Stuart are celebrating the marriage of fashion and technology by unveiling upscale men's and women's apparel enhanced with Nano-Tex fabric treatments.

Nano-Tex, a leading fabric innovation company providing textile enhancements to the apparel and interior furnishing markets, announced today that the Hugo Boss, René Lezard and Paul Stuart brands have adopted the company's Resists Spills fabric treatment for high-end trousers, shirts and outerwear.

Hugo Boss, the 82-year-old German fashion brand, has integrated the Nano-Tex treatment into its Orange label men's front-button woven shirts. The enhanced shirts are available in 24 countries, including the United States, in more than 10 styles, ranging from solids and stripes to plaids.

René Lezard, best known for bringing its own distinctive styling to the latest fashion trends, has designed sophisticated men's outerwear utilizing the Nano-Tex Resists Spills treatment. The brand is offering two styles of enhanced three-quarter-length coats which are currently available in four countries.

Paul Stuart, creator of classic upscale men's suits and sportswear, designed a line of high-end wool trousers with the Resists Spills treatment. The trousers are currently available in five styles and colors at leading department stores in Japan.

"Technology is the new 'black' in fashion apparel and accessories," said Donn Tice, president and CEO for Nano-Tex. "Nano-Tex treatments are elegantly engineered to enhance and preserve the sophisticated design of today's high-fashion garments. Fashion designers worldwide are eager to innovate with our 'transparent' technology."

Major fashion influencers believe technology will continue to gain ground as a key ingredient in personal style. Vogue magazine recently wrote "More and more today, technology is becoming the ultimate expression of fashion," while Harper's Bazaar notes that "Technology is an extension of personal style. It's gone from geek to chic."

Through a patented design and application process, Nano-Tex treatments deliver industry-leading performance without compromising the look, feel or comfort of the garment. The treatments are formulated for silk, wool, cotton and a range of synthetic fibers.

The Nano-Tex Resists Spills treatment repels liquids ranging from coffee and red wine to chocolate syrup and salad dressings while allowing the fabric to breathe. The treatment is designed for use on cotton, polyester, wool, silk and rayon.

Nano-Tex is the first company to bring nanotechnology to the textile industry. The company's patented technology is more efficiently designed to deliver greater durability and superior performance without compromising the feel or comfort of the fabric. Additional treatments offered include:

- Coolest Comfort (moisture wicking for synthetics and wrinkle-free cotton)
- Resists Static (first permanent anti-static treatment for synthetics)
- Repels and Releases Stains (market's best-performing stain release capabilities with repellency)
Hugo Boss Shirt & Jacket
Hugo Boss Shirt & Jacket
Paul Stuart Trouser
Paul Stuart Trouser
About Nano-Tex
Nano-Tex is headquartered in Emeryville, Calif., with operations in Greensboro, NC; Belgium; China; England; India; Italy; South Korea; and Turkey. Nano-Tex develops and markets a family of nanotechnology-based textile treatments that dramatically improves the performance of everyday fabrics. To date, more than 80 textile mills worldwide are utilizing Nano-Tex treatments in products sold by more than 100 leading apparel and interior furnishings brands, including Gap, Old Navy, Hugo Boss, Paul Stuart, René Lezard, Lee, Nike, Champion, Levi and Simmons. Products with Nano-Tex enhancements are sold throughout North America, Asia and Europe.





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