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Winter 2006/2007 | 1 - 5 March, 2006

For its 7th edition, Le SHOWROOM, the trade fair organized by Hortensia de Hutten, will be presenting 60 international collections of ready-to-wear and accessories at the Espace Richelieu. This season, Le SHOWROOM opens one day earlier than the other fairs, on March 1rst, to allow the buyers who are already in Paris to come and discover the collections with more time.

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Intimate, international, selective, cutting-edge, creative Le SHOWROOM doesn’t take a “superficial” approach. Rather, it promotes and commercializes an approach that is about “being in the field”, instilling trust, being available, being open to exchange and carrying out efficient groundwork that responds as much to the demands of the designers as it does to the demands of the buyers. A not-to-be-missed trade show on today’s fashion circuit that presents a balanced offer of Men’s/Women’s/Children’s clothing and accessories in a space that is light and easy to read. So many designer universes that represent our part of the indispensable dream.

Refinement, imagination, freshness, humor, uniqueness, know-how and rigor.

• With the magic, playful and felted world of Hut Up.
• With the delicious clothing of Colomba Leddi (mixes, colors and half-tones, hand embroidered).
• With the ingenious wearable pieces from anomalies : a kaleidoscope of yarns, colors and buttons, wool and flannel; accessories to play with and toys to wear.
• With Mision Misericordia, whose sports uniforms are made in Peru’s poorest areas, with respect for human rights and the environment.
“Les Racines du Ciel” or ‘the durable garment’ of Christian Tournafol. His clothing line aims to mix sense and sensuality, know-how and quality, with respect for social and environmental issues.

The cotton jeans are organic; the cotton comes from countries where the growers are paid a fair price. The same is true for the knitwear, which is produced in Bolivia and Peru through a network of humanitarian organizations.

Mision Misericordia, a model of alternative production
By creating a sewing school in the Peruvian slums of Jerusalén and Ventanilla, and by getting their line of sports clothing manufactured by young people who earn the social and economic status of a qualified worker, Aurelyen and Mathieu developed (in 2002) an ethical brand whose sales and distribution lead to improved living conditions in the slums through a series of diverse, local initiatives.

a n o m a l i e s
textile design
The a n o m a l i e s factory is based on a fabric library: a collection of designer’s swatches, seconds, rejects and assorted odds & ends that were on their way to the garbage bin, that a n o m a l i e s recycles, tweaks and transforms, to create a hybrid object that is part accessory, part jewellery and part garment; somewhere between a strange rag doll, a beastiary and a fabric sculpture.

and come…
“Quick, into the warmth!”

A comfy textile installation, a freestanding bubble, a wall of upholstery fabric from which elements of evocative furniture emerge like “interior moldings”, a cocooning atmosphere for wintery groundhogs. The two designers, Armelle Doligé and Laure Guillot, created this past season’s Christmas windows at the Printemps department store.

After attending the Duperré Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués where Apolline worked on her first children’s prints, she exercised her talents as a colorist for trend forecasters and design workshops like Robert Le Héros. From a mixture of fabrics plucked from here and there, white stitching, polka dots, flowers, strings and embroideries…and a real pleasure for mixing materials and childhood daydreams; a whole world of flirty dolls and mysterious fairies is born …an entire, marvelous universe for children and grown-ups alike.

After Michel Figuet, Sébastien Vincent, Martine Houghton, Outomuro, Berengere Valognes and Christel Sasso, Apolline is this saison’s author of Hortensia de Hutten’s portrait for. She will present during the show, in the press area and the front desk, her funny little dolls inwonderland.

Sophie Cuvelier
A Parisian who works in Nîmes
Gives advice for the concept and recycling of fashion (100 idées, Cacharel, Agnès b., Bonpoint, Bon Ton),and organizes exhibits, events and installations of garlands and objects made of dyed paper.

This season for Le SHOWROOM Sophie Cuvelier will suspend her colorful garlands above your plates.

Marcia de Carvalho is back again to share her musical compositions with us during the opening cocktail party on thursday 2nd ...a selection of bossa nova, samba, forro… And when she isn’t singing, Marcia will present her collection of suave, refined and sexy knitwear at Le SHOWROOM.

Click on the images for larger views
Click on the images for larger views
Click on the images for larger views

Click on the images for larger views.

List of exhibitors
Ready-to-wear Women, Men & Children
+PICNIC (Germany), 2 or + by Yat (Finland), AGASTYA (France), Anke Schlöder (Spain), Anne Kristin Becker (France), Arne & Carlos (Norway), ásta creative clothes (Iceland), Boboutic (Italy), Colomba Leddi (Italy), Eribé (U.K.), FAB & JO (Italy), F E R A L F L A I R (Japan), GALLEGO DESPORTES (France), H A N N A (Netherlands), Hannasarén (Finland), Hut Up (Germany), j u a n p e d r o l o p e z (Spain), Les Racines du Ciel (France), Marcia de Carvalho (France), Misericordia (Peru), NACO PARIS (France), Nina Jarebrink (Sweden), Parnasse (Spain), Pilar Ruiz (Spain), Prouvost & Father (U.K.), PULVER (Germany), sa ka ki (Japan), Sakina M’sa (France), STEiNUNN (Iceland), TSH (Norway), y. fukuyama (Japan).

Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes & Hats
anomalies (France), Anne Laure Frizot (France), BABE (Hong Kong), Bagieboogie (Vietnam), BIN house (France), Carry Simone (France), Claire Juillet (France), éloïse fiorentino (France), Eribé (U.K.), Fezbag (Italy), Hannasarén (Finland), Hikaru Noguchi (U.K.), Hut Up (Germany), Kaos (Japan), Karen Monny Paris (France), Katharina M. (France), Lumi (Belgium), Marine de Diesbach (France), Maura Vento (France), Minna Parikka (Finland), Naja et Merveilles (France), SEPT BLEUS (France), SHIRAKURA (Japan), SIGRUN (France), SOWAT (France), tee Lisa (Italy), Valérie Saïd (France), Ventura (France), Xanadu (Japan).

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