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LaDress by Simone | One Dress for All Occasions

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She and her LaDress

LaDress is designed for a woman in touch with her femininity. Empowering beauty by enhancing feminine features and strength, LaDress is the perfect garment for women juggling with all their different roles in life. From the perfect businesswoman to the loving mom, from the creating artist to the sexy glamour girl: LaDress is the ultimate outfit for all women with a sense of fashion, quality and style, running a busy schedule and having a zest for life. Women of any age or background all have one thing in common: to look and feel good!

She created LaDress

Simone van Trojen, a woman just like any other woman had a dream... After obtaining a university degree in both law and economics, Simone followed her career path as a corporate executive as well as by setting up her own company. Nowadays Simone van Trojen (36) combines motherhood, marriage, running her own business and a hectic social life all in one. As an enthusiastic lover of fashion, Simone has spent a lifetime looking for that one dress that would fit all her different roles in life.

For more information:


LaDress can best be described as that one perfect dress for any occasion.

With its design based on the hourglass shape that joyfully emphasizes the strong female features, each LaDress is unique in its fabrics, length, print, sleeves and finishing touch. Made of the finest high-end fabrics from the world of haute couture ranging from silk, wool and polyester to exiting materials such as jersey, cotton and lace, LaDress is deliciously comfy, while blending elegance with ease and versatility.

The reason why

Every woman is secretly looking for the perfect dress. That one special dress that can be worn every day and every night. A dress that will make you look fabulous and feel amazing at the same time. A dress that creates the ultimate look for just about any occasion: the one you can wear to the office, enjoy a business diner in, party the night away in or even slip on for the beach.

The one you would love to wear while enjoying a relaxed Sunday afternoon lunch with family and friends or shine in at that glamorous evening party. From classy corporate to sexy stunning: LaDress is never out of style yet always styled to fashion!

The collection

The collection is complimented with a new special arrival every month and will also be featured in Lemoni's latest. Each new addition is arranged by their personal stylist, whose tips and ideas on how-to-wear LaDress create a broad assortiment of looks for all kinds of occasions.

Please feel free to take a look in Lemoni's closet where the complete up-to-date collection of LaDress has been styled to match the occasion.

SCARLETT Off-white SCARLETT Off-white

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