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CIFF Trends | Winter 2007

CIFF Trends | Winter 2007 | Barbarian Wedding

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

Published by CIFF
Federation of Danish Textile & Clothing / Trends Nelly Rodi

All images © Bella Center A/S

Barbarian Wedding
CIFF Trends | Winter 2007 | Barbarian Wedding
Fascination for the cold, wide open spaces where the cold winds of the north calls for a time long gone. Of this ar­chaic world a new composite style is born. Confronting a rather raw spirit viewed from the outside, with a refined cloth style worn underneath.

MEN & WOMEN Fabrics for protection, carded wools, flannels, fabrics in relief, brushed winter cottons, quilted or coated fabrics, imitation leathers and shearling aspects.Knits with irregular, slub yarn and relief aspects. In an ornamental, feminine spirit, light, fluid fabrics like chiffon, lace, tulle and crepe in solids, prints or ornamented. More basic winter cottons such as marled and oc­casionally coated twills, canvas and drills...READ MORE
Doll's House
CIFF Trends | Winter 2007 | Doll's House
A romantic, slightly childlike ambience comes floating back to us from our first memories, inviting us to inhabit our imagination and rediscover our carefree childhood. Ornamented with the flounces and ribbons of the old por­celain dolls, the silhouette of a woman-child takes form.

WOMEN Fabrics silky, delicate fabrics, such as chiffon, sup­ple tulles, washed silk and fine taffetas. Fresh cottons, Damask, piques and relief fabrics, with smoking trims. Soft, warmer as­pects, brushed wool and cashmere broadcloths, mat velvets, pinwales, cotton, moleskin, imitation suede either solid-coloured or in tone-on-tone jacquard. Airy knits in mohair, knit lace and woolly jerseys with worked trims..READ MORE
Heady Sins CIFF Trends | Winter 2007 | Heady Sins
Like a painting or an opera, here is a profusion of orna­ments which enliven this new baroque spirit. A rich, re­composed fashion with details from the past for the off-beat look of a modern dandy and the fluid silhouette of the 1970s.

MEN & WOMEN Fabrics masculine chalk-striped wools, en­hanced with satin or velvet trimmed edges. Tapestry Jacquards for outerwear in wool or winter cotton. “Empire” spirit stripes and soft and silky fabrics. Fluid fabrics, satins, velvets. Dark flowers and baroque feathers prints and patterns. Lots of fabrics with ornamental decoration such as jacquards, brocades, damasks, tapestries, embroideries and prints..READ MORE
United Workers CIFF Trends | Winter 2007 | United Workers
Zoom into the past into an area of the industrial revolu­tion. A hard working class world as described by Dick­ens in “Oliver Twist”. A pauperized but also romantic spirit, mixing masculine work clothes style with a more feminine style. To be translated in a more contemporary manner for a sober, androgynous, but also sensual and poetic style.

MEN & WOMEN Fabrics Importance of winter cotton, with tarpau­lin fabrics, denims and corduroys. An already worn aspect, washed and softened for carded wools. Blurred patterns or mini graphic patterns for combed wools. Grandpa-peasant stripes, handkerchief or workers check...READ MORE
For more information please visit :
Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

Images © Bella Center A/S





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