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Escapism: MA Project by Mihrican DAMBA

Edited by Senay GOKCEN

Fashion Design is such a perfect art which allows us to use the most brilliant creation on earth which is the human being. This creation is a unique reference of performing arts through to garments that never changes. As fashion designers, we put a non-visual imagination into practice and change it into a visual form by wrapping the human body in it, making the garments come alive.

The things that we create tell us who we are. This is one ways to express ourselves in life. To have the ability of creating things gives us opportunities to say things without physically saying it.

"In general my passion is working on human psychology immersing myself into the project and ultimately becoming apart of it. My work questions the form of living through giving importance to the human being. This way I develop both my personal and design skills at the same time, enabling me to feel much closer to consumers through my projects. In terms of my conceptual approach I believe people would find something about themselves because this is all about the real life that we are living in." says DAMBA and continues:

"The escapism project is a philosophy which comes from the inner sense of the human and turns back to itself as garments. The human being is made of physical concrete that's reality and an abstract spiritual reality. A human is changeable.

Since we were born, the changes have started in our spirits, in our bodies and in everything around us. The things that we lost and gained in this life are the changes itself. During a life time, the reaction of the body to the soul can be observed. The escapism project gets its inspiration from the changes that we live in ourselves according to the situations that happen around us.

The escapism project starts with the inner war of the soul and interprets how the spirit is being affected by the reality of life and how the spirit reacts upon realities. This discovery of the self is a period that everyone on the earth will go through if they are lucky enough to find themselves in their life time even once.

What I wanted to create was the objects themselves, with their weights and densities, as though I am representing them in the very matrix of which they were formed in me. My purpose is to show the inner, real life of the garment as an object, its essential being in relation with the emotions it released within me.

I wanted to create garments which have their own perfections, the garments that shouldn't be compared and enough perfect as they are to be exist. I wanted to create garments which will have their own life stories on different bodies and will be re-created in the beholders emotions."

The escapism project aims to inspire people who want to escape from the realities of life that they are stuck in which as a result may hold them back. The realities of life are hard sometimes to accept. We have to be strong to get over our difficulties but it is not easy to recover again. We need time with ourselves. It is a journey for people who don’t want to see themselves in these realities and instinctively start moving again.

The difficulties that we have in our lives makes us want to escape and the instinct to live makes us want to turn back to life again...

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Born in Izmir, Turkey in 1981, Mihrican Damba grew up with a burning desire to become a fashion designer so embarked on a BA in Fashion Design at the Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts. During her time at university, Mihrican specialized in yarn, weaving, textile printing, graphic & fashion design and completed an exclusive shoe collection for Pia Mia. Whilst at university Mihrican showcased her designs at four fashion shows, ten exhibitions and represented Turkey in the Dubai Motexha fair showcasing her third year collection.

Upon completion of her BA, Mihrican was offered a lucrative podition as head designer for leading menswear brand, Damat Tween in Turkey where she developed such a strong individual style that the owners of Damat Tween launched a new haute couture line called Teatral Private Label. Being the main haute couture line, Teatral Private Label was worn predominantly by well-known high profile VIP clients, propelling Mihrican Damba into the limelight as a highly talented haute couture fashion designer. After Damat Tween Mihrican started working on her own women's wear project called Connections and applied to the ITKIB Fashion Design competition. Despite coming fourth place in the competition, her project was published the next day in almost every single Turkish newspaper and well known fashion magazines. As a result, the renowned Turkish Fashion Photographer Safak Taner who wanted to shoot her collection as a sponsor approached Mihrican.

Realizing her new strength Mihrican chose to move to London to further enhance her skills and abilities as a Haute Couture fashion designer completing a years course in Central St Martins in Fashion Surgery. Having completing this course at CSM, Mihrican furthered herself by undertaking a MA in Womenswear Fashion Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion where her final project was chosen to be featured in UK Vogue Magazine as one of the most talented emerging designers of class 2007. Her work was also chosen to feature in the MA graduation fashion show, showcased at the Royal Academy of Arts, attended by international press. Her collection for the show was sponsored by ITKIB (Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Associations) and Istanbul Moda Academy. Her final collection has been selected for Shanghai Fashion Week. She will be presenting her collection with a fashion show on 28 March 2008 at Shanghai and has been selected to show at the 15th Annual Charity Fashion Show 2008 at Stanford University, California as a featured designer. She will be presenting her collection with a Fashion Show on the 3rd of May at Stanford University under the concept of "Fashion without Borders".

Now, she is setting up her own label, Mihrican Damba in London, the label is very theatrical with strong silhouettes, mainly working on enhancing and embracing the female figure. It is hoped the label will be stocked at independent niche fashion forward boutiques.

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