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Premiére Vision | Spring  / Summer 2008

Premiére Vision | Spring / Summer 2008
Spring 2008 Colors
ASSERTING yourself, and bringing the energy of colour into the light of day. Savouring the luminosity of their complementary and unexpected alliances, their bold and delicate collisions, their specific harmonies. A dense and moving range of colours in which to envelop and flaunt yourself, thanks to their particular nature. As springboards to vivacity, neutrals position themselves as allies and not essentials. They multiply in nuance, tone and value to gain in neatness, and to find the accuracy of colour associations. As rare and indispensable punctuations, darks underline luminosity. They reveal their constructive restraint with precision, and combine in measured opposition. As vectors of energy, brights initiate motion. They proclaim their affirmed temperaments and position themselves as inciters of contrasts, to stimulate neutrals and enliven soft tones. As dynamising sparks, acidic tones play the role of agitators. They exalt clarity in colours, and manifest their tangy freshness to upset darks, activate light shades and tease brights. As an energising fulcrum, yellow infuses tones, brightening up beiges, lightening greys and wooing purplish shades to incite grating complementarities.

The Freedom in Doing Otherwise

LAUNCHING into a season marked by energy and difference.

Rediscovering a taste for the present,
anchoring oneself in reality,
savouring the dynamic of the ephemeral
and joining in tomorrow's time.

Delighting in connivances between neutrality and colour,
tasting the complementary alliances of nature and artifice,
of sport and urban universes.

Fertilising affinities between naturals and synthetics
shine and mattness
compacts and fluids
stretch and transparency.

Daring to move out from the shadows and savour fantasy.

Brightening what is tangible,
illuminating emptiness,
humanising the city,
solidifying contrasts,
provoking desire,
promoting the subjective,
believing in the power of creation.

Jumping onto the springboard to difference
and finding the freedom in doing otherwise.

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