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"The markets change..
Première Vision changes too..."

A New Première Vision

for FEBRUARY 2006

Whatever the context - whether it be globalisation, mergers, the overhauling of fashion systems, or variable consumer demands – we cannot escape the conclusion that the world of fashion textiles is undergoing radical change which is forcing companies in this sector to restructure and adopt new ways of working.

Première Vision could not fail to take into account this complex and challenging reality. If it has become the world’s trade fair of reference, this is because it has always kept abreast of changes in the fashion chain, responded promptly to its audience and constantly adapted its structure and services to the needs of the market. Once again, today Première Vision is keeping apace with an evolving environment.

The fair’s new segmentation

The work of fashion designers and buyers evolve in response to an increasingly versatile consumer market. The constant search for bespoke products has led to new methods of mixing different fabrics and technologies in collections. At the same time, each has its own distinctive style. To respond efficiently to such working methods in the creation of collections, Première Vision offers a new segmentation of the weavers’ product offer in 4 universes:

Fancy Seduction :

The universe of fantasy and fluid fabrics

Tailored Distinction :

The universe of elegance, formality and structure

Relaxed Attitude :

The universe of casualness, comfort and relaxation

Active Pulsation :

The universe of sports, technology, and performance

At the heart of each of the 4 “neighbourhoods” of the show, “reflections of various styles” the different companies’ skill sets - with their distinctiveness, know-how and innovative drive- will be clearly displayed.

Fashion information reinvented

Very popular with all international buyers, 7 forums will offer fashion information, a particular strength of Première Vision. Conceived by the fashion management team together with designers and wellknown creators, these information forums will display exhibitors’ fabrics in an even clearer, more dynamic and structured manner by way of themes and specifications while highlighting the novelty of collections.

A cocktail of information, guidance and emotion, the forums have been reinvented to bring together, more than ever before, efficiency (decoding and location of products and weavers) and inspiration sourcing ideas and stimulating one’s creativity). The General Forum, which presents a selection of fashion at Première Vision and unveils the spirit of the season to buyers, will be a highly attractive area involving different set designers and artists. In each “neighbourhood”, a Fabric Area will gather the most innovative materials and the textile essence of each style. This is a tool which will respond directly to the new buying trends of visitors to the show and will in this way facilitate trade between weavers and their customers.

A forum dedicated to the latest creations of weavers, the “Latest News area” will take on a presentation aimed at emphasising the identification of products. In the same spirit of clarity and accessibility, the “Actualisation Area” will present a selection of fabrics for the Autumn-Winter 06-07 season.

Renewed and increased points of attraction

Besides the fabric forums dedicated to the fashion season, in its “Champ Libre” area, Première Vision also gives visitors and weavers the opportunity to discover new forms of expression, be they artistic, playful, informative or scientific. This freestyle area welcomes novel international creators.

As for the Bistrot Best area, it will offer practical fashion information in a convivial and relaxing atmosphere. There, visitors will be able to find indicators on the very first reactions of the market to the weavers offer for the new season, browse through the international press to cast an eye on the worldwide scene, share their excitement for a product with a colleague or a client, settle down to a Wi-Fi connection to the world or simply have a drink before setting off again to hunt for new products.

Also, in each “neighbourhood” a specific meeting point will allow visitors to arrange meet, find detailed maps of the “neighbourhoods” and browse the web.

A productive trip for international buyers

The complementary offer, which gave birth to the Première Vision Pluriel brand, has been welcomed by all, exhibitors and visitors alike. They include a high proportion of buyers from big exporting countries, especially America and Japan.

To meet the expectations of international visitors, Première Vision Pluriel’s five shows (which around Première Vision are made up of Expofil, Le Cuir à Paris, Indigo and Mod’Amont), will benefit in February 2006 from a reinforced synergy in a reconfigured space. Thanks to the single pass for all 5 shows, you will be able to circulate freely from one show to another.

It is this new Première Vision which international textile and fashion buyers will discover from 21 to 24 February 2006 at the Parc d’Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte. A reinvented trade fair, adjusted in accordance with market reality. A tool adapted to the changes in their profession and new ways of working. It is a source of inspiration essential to a world of perpetual creativity. In Paris, the capital of fashion, an unrivalled place to meet, exchange ideas and do business in the world of fashion textiles.

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