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Première Vision Spring/Summer 2012 Fabric and Color Trends

Première Vision Spring/Summer 2012 Fabric and Color Trends

July 8, 2011, [New York] - A season of vast ambition, to see far and wide. And discover the fundamentals of tomorrow.

The Spirit of the Season

Opening new perfect disequilibriums, sublime imperfections, and with emotion, a season where a blast of fresh, innovative fabrics, yarns and interplays infuses new oxygen into textile-driven fashions.

Seeing far, to invite in surprise Inventing with arresting fabrics, and inciting different dialogues between clothing and the body.

Dashing blithely headlong into distortions of colors, visuals and handles, being led into new realms of unfamiliar sensations.

Seeing far, to innovate, perspectives, and modelling shapes and new formulas like a sculptor, a chemist or a poet; to link, assemble, attach and give life to unprecedented clothing.

Seeing far, to imagine light and witty approaches, passionately. Yielding willingly to disorder and championing instability, to move confidently towards greater eclecticism, and more personality.

Seeing far, to build, the impossible for spring summer 12, ambitiously.

undoing and doing, without redoing...

Première Vision Spring/Summer 2012 Colors

01 11 21

Editor's Note:

Première Vision Spring/Summer 2012 Season Color Card
Première Vision Spring/Summer 2012 Season Colors are decoded visually by using PANTONE© Solid Coated Colors.

Spring/Summer 2012 Color Card will be on sale at the show and in the e-shop. To get the exact color codes please visit Première Vision or Première Vision online boutique at:

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02 12 22
03 13 23
04 14 24
05 15 25
06 16 26
07 17 27
08 18 28
09 19 29
10 20 30

Première Vision Spring/Summer 2012 Season Concepts

Open Mind

A delight in impertinence, a taste for a certain disorder, leads to bold confrontations, and imperfect harmonies, for more eclectic, more open fashions.

Fabrics with strong personalities, for silhouettes that make no concessions, that freely play on spontaneous blends.

Wittily playing on the appearance of fabrics and delighting in the paradoxes and surprises of their compositions, to crash together the very primitive and the highly civilized, the very sporty and the very chic.

Plastic shine flirts with naturals, the extremely luxurious shamelessly consorts with wittily fanciful motifs.

A style that rejects dictums, bets on originality, scoffs at faux pas, and boldly vaunts its singularity.


The quest for new pathways to create and build clothing points the imagination towards innovative textile perspectives.

Heading off like an architect with fabrics allying technology and refinement, inspired by construction materials - opaque or transparent, thick or very thin, fixed or stretch.

Tailored clothing is powerfully unbalanced, and fabrics with paradoxical behaviours are combined, bonded or glued to play off their incompatibilities.

Volumes are weightlessly structured or sculpted all in supple density, underlining emptiness to make room for the body in motion.

Bridges are thrown up between elegance and technology, creating assemblies that are rethought in a high-tech couture spirit.

Sense & Essence

A thirst for sensation and essence shifts away from any hint of nostalgia, and is enriched by modernity.

Beyond an outward simplicity and a willing discretion, fabrics convey strong emotion through subtle handles and the refinement of human imperfection.

A light technology infiltrates fabrics; naturals and eco-friendly synthetics are closely combined for surprising sensations and behaviours. Shivering aspects with a delicately aged look enrich the neatness of surfaces.

Colors are nuanced with evolving washable, washout-able, or overdyed effects, yet remain clean throughout.

Clothing is unadorned, almost overly simplified to better showcase the material.

Whether clothing is wrapped, covering up, pleated or modestly draped, utmost care is paid to details, with selvedges and finishings that poetically distil fantasy.
Images are courtesy of Première Vision
Première Vision Autumn/Winter 2012/13: The First Fabric and Color Trends

Related News: Première Vision Autumn/Winter 2012/13: The First Fabric and Color Trends

July 8, 2011, [New York] -utumn/Winter 2012/13 takes up multi-colors, riskier colors, even for pants, jackets and outerwear.

Shifting away from blurriness, visuals, weaves and patterns have neater, more clearly defined contours.

Fabrics adopt body, even weight, while remaining intensely supple. Knits continue their evolution into more structured, yet not stiff, tailored-style items.

Wool exerts its influence In all universes. Softened cardeds generate luxuriously rustic visuals, and warm thick fancies, while light weights suggest truly feminine more

Source: Première Vision | For more information please visit





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