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LE CUIR A PARIS Leather Trends for Summer 2012

LE CUIR A PARIS Leather Trends for Summer 2012

8 - 10 February 2011, hall 4, Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Park.

Four opposing and inseparable triads, made up of "color-yakusas" that are both simultaneously and alternately: primitive, worrying, innocent, reverential, artificial, natural, virtual.

Materials and colors are linked: deep and sombre, milky and transparent, shimmering and bright, sandy and chalky. Banded together like organised criminals, where it is best not to forget them, unconcerned about seasons and utterly unyielding, they demand recurrence and change. Denying all dangers, a solar and candid traveller dares to defy them and make an elegy for simplicity. Antagonistic and inseparable, the inspirations for Summer 2012 will put our sense of adaptation to the test.

Association of Innocents

Clouds and mystery.

Clouds break up and are iridescent with watercolor shades.

The water-soaked brush washes the summer skies.

Materials and colors are indistinct, loving, impossible to name.
Agent Provocateur New AW10 Collection

Desert and Sacred

A desert hermit and a spaceman observe the movement of the stars,
the traces of the moon at dawn, the mica stones in the sand,
the light flight of silvery egrets.

On the line of the horizon, turning gold under the burgeoning sky,
a virtual mirage is taking shape.

Archaeologists and monks of the future decipher the hieroglyphics
inscribed on sacred stones.

Association of the Untrained

Immersed in archaism and primitive brutality, alerted by
the revolt of elements, we are obsessed by raw art and Palaeolithic.

Doggedly searching for sources, obsessed by the animal that slumbers
inside us, lulled by phantasmagoria,

We build huts in the city, giant nests on the walls of buildings.

Nature and Preciosity

21'st century Amazons and the heirs of baroque tradition seize on
nature to gives rhythm to their eccentricities.

Established as a demonstration of contemporary art,
it is the pretext for installations and the site of their artistic performances.

They outstrip each other in their exuberance and organise
a new expressive and provocative dandy posture.

A Simple Life

Sunny and consensual, yellow is the bearer of optimism.

It is a simple, modest and fun chap, guileless and easygoing.

An accommodating person, he likes to be outside and indoors,
lazing on Mediterranean beaches and brightening Nordic deco.

Lively and bright, he enjoys clichés and adopts
a low profile to render ordinary objects offbeat.

Leather Color Card

The Leather Color Card, exclusive to LE CUIR A PARIS, is already available for sale. Designers, stylists, tanners, buyers will find all the PANTONE references for the color trends, making their creation of new collections easier.

Available during the show on the Trends Gallery.

Or by direct order:
info @

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