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TRENDS > Spring - Summer 2007 Atmosphere

The season reconciles aesthetics with practicality and emotion with intelligence and reason. A new perception of time emerges, characterised by a slower, more attentive, less chaotic lifestyle and a greater awareness of those close to us. Consumers no longer obey merely the dictates of fashion; they take the time to choose according to their aesthetic and emotional expectations, their desire for comfort and well-being, and their commitment to the new environmental and ethical values. The response to these demands sometimes difficult to reconcile begins to emerge early on, at the point when the fibres are chosen and made into yarns.

Need for warmth and protection

A need to be wrapped up, protected from the winter weather. Clothing also acts as a psychological barrier protecting us from the turbulence of the world around us.

Looks are simple, bordering on austerity without necessarily being monotonous. Inspiration again comes from uniforms, sometimes derisively.

Need for softness and sensuality

A serene, refined mood based on a balance between comfort and aesthetics, luxury and simplicity, modernity and elegance. Fine traditional materials are at the forefront, often combined with high-performance materials or the new environmentally-friendly materials.

Priority is given to warmth and softness, lightness and fluidity. A bias towards femininity, accentuated by a sophisticated grey-toned colour palette.

Need to dream

The desire to escape from everyday reality pushes us towards a slightly artificial world somewhere between glamour and romanticism. Materials conjure up the fabulous, slightly dream-like world of dance and the ballet.

A gossamer-light, sensual fantasy. Play on blurring and flashes of light. The voluptuousness of the fibres is revealed in the decoration and appearance.

Need for values

Consumer awareness of environmental and humanitarian concerns has been steadily gathering momentum over the past few years. The luxury goods industry took this on board some time ago although it is not a subject that companies tend to publicise, as their corporate values and strong image speak for themselves.

The challenge today is to reconcile environmental and ethical concerns with aesthetics. Environmentally sound fashion is above all fashion. Design is a sine qua non for bringing it out of its niche market status.

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