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European Fashion Award FASH 2011 Winners

European Fashion Award FASH 2011 Winners

February 14, 2011 - What is beautiful? What makes people look good? What is the meaning of fashion today? Is it all about identity or status? Is it about profits, attention or beauty? Are there any dreams and visions left?

Photo Top: SDBI ispo Booth

The European Fashion Award - FASH 2011 entitled "Attention please!?" searched for answers to these questions. A jury consisting of international design, industry, marketing, and media experts selected the winners from 84 students enrolled at 46 universities in 17 countries according to pre-determined criteria. The award presentation for the winners from the categories Students and Graduates was held on February 6th during the international sporting goods trade show ispo in Munich.

Front: Stephanie Höcker, Ioana Ciolacu Miron, Natalia Politowa
Back: Annika Tutsch, Nina Kanitz, Alexandra Fenkner Julia Müller, Marcel Lunkwitz, Marcella Sewella.
From left to right: Annika Tutsch, Nina Kanitz, Alexandra Fenkner, Natalia Politowa, Marcella Sewella, Stephanie Höcker, Ioana Ciolacu Miron, Julia Müller, Marcel Lunkwitz.

Category: Students

The 1st Prize in the Student category was awarded to Stephanie Höcker (4th Semester, Fachhochschule Bielefeld / (University of Applied Sciences) for her womenswear collection "Surreale Momente" (Formed Again). She created completely new patterns with the help of a special form of picture puzzle, called anamorphosis. Thanks to the distortions her dresses are reminiscent of surrealistic artworks. Yet when viewed in a cylindrical mirror they appear as a simple sheath dress, coat, or sweatshirt. "The jury appreciated the inclusion of the unexpected, uncontrollable, trust in one's own intuition and personality. Stephanie Höcker's courageous and clear concept as well as its clean and extremely consistent transformation into a harmonious collection was impressive," explains jury chairman Joachim Schirrmacher.
Photos Top: Designed by Stephanie Höcker
Ioana Ciolacu Miron (5th Semester, Universitatea Nationala de Arte Bucuresti, Rumania) won 2nd Prize with her womenswear collection "Muna". She chose an egg (Finnish: Muna) as a symbol for beauty from the inside and the ideal for the silhouette. Each garment was made from one piece of fabric and elaborately folded and twisted instead of cut. "The exacting and focused collection has substance, was implemented in a consistent manner, and looks excellent on a live person, which is a deciding factor," said jury member Torsten Hochstetter (Creative Director O'Neill, Amsterdam). An additional 2nd Prize was awarded to Nina Kanitz (8th Semester, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin / University of Applied Sciences) for her womenswear collection "Einsamkeit" (Solitude). Her inspiration was singer Laura López Castro. Kanitz transformed her music, the feeling of searching and finding, yearning and questioning into a collection of swinging fashions in soft, smoky shades of colour. "Nina Kanitz has a great talent to create a suggestive impression: sketches, colours, photography and text of her presentation are very strong and beautiful," so jury member Marion Feldmann (Divison Head Womens Fashion, Otto, Hamburg).
Photo Top: Designed by Ioana Ciolacu Miron. Photo Top: Designed by Nina Kanitz.

3rd Prize
was awarded to Natalia Politowa and Marcella Sewella (7th Semester Fachhochschule Hannover / University of Applied Sciences and Arts).

Their collection “Ideal + Real” reinterprets men’s fashions by transmuting the details of classic shapes like the suit, coat, or tailcoat.

The collection offers symbolic security and stability, at the same time creating new transitions.

“Natalia Politowa and Marcella Sewella provide men’s fashions with important new inspiration with their high-quality, detailed collection,” said jury member Ivonne Fehn (Fashion Director Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, Munich).

Photo Left: Designed by Natalia Politowa and Marcella Sewella.

Category: Graduates

The 1st Prize in the Graduates category was awarded to Annika Tutsch (Bachelor, Hochschule für Gestaltung Pforzheim / Pforzheim University). In her womenswear collection “Geschmacksverstärker” (Taste Enhancer) extremely overdrawn features are countered with fine, subtle insinuations.

“Perception is a question of attention”, states Annika Tutsch in her concept. Jury member Dorothee Schumacher (Owner and Designer Schumacher, Mannheim), comments:

“Annika Tutsch’s collection is to the point. The project impresses with its presentation, color and material selection, 3 craftsmanship, and passion for details. I specifically appreciated the almost self-evident area of conflict between the “taste enhancers” and the minimalist yet sensual overall look.”

Photo Left: Stefan Ahrens (Geschäftsführer/CEO Schumacher),
Annika Tutsch, Joachim Schirrmacher (SDBI).
2nd Prize was awarded to Alexandra Fenkner 2nd Prize was awarded to Alexandra Fenkner (Bachelor, Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin / University of Applied Sciences) for her womenswear collection "Edelweiss".

Based on traditional Swabian farmers' dress ca. 1900 she designed a collection with a harmonious balance between the past and modern times.

"Her traditional costume concept is not intrusive, yet generates a familiar feeling of comfort," according to Tobias Gröber, Chairman of the Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie, Munich.

Photo Left: Designed by Alexandra Fenkner.

3rd Prize was awarded to Julia Müller and Marcel Lunkwitz (Diplom/Bachelor Burg Giebichenstein - Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle / University of Art and Design).

Their menswear collection "Jeder Tag ist ein kleines Leben" (Every day is a little life) offers an energetic versatility of patterns and colors, traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies. They used fabrics they received in return for a voucher they won at FASH 2009 in the student category.

"An attractive and strong collection with good external image, yet also a more sensitive side," commented jury member Marcel Herrig (Unicut Design Office, Shenzen/China).

15 additional projects were honoured with inclusion in the Archive of the Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie. These projects, as well as all winning portfolios, are accessible to the public at the Lipperheidesche Kostümbibliothek in Berlin – the world’s largest library and graphical collection on the cultural history of fashion and apparel.

Every award-winning collection received as prize a photo session with renowned fashion photographer Gregor Hohenberg (i.e. Vogue, Elle, GQ, AD; Berlin). In addition, every project is published in a catalogue (Design: Christof Nardin, Vienna/São Paulo), exhibited at a special trade show booth, and promoted to the press. A total of 5,000 Euro in cash prizes were awarded to winners, as well as two six-month, funded internships at Adidas and Schumacher. The overall value of all prizes is more than 80,000 Euro.

Photo Right: Designed by Julia Müller and Marcel Lunkwitz.
The European Fashion Award FASH by the German Fashion Industry Foundation (SDBI) has been held annually since 2005. Thanks to its tradition, fairness and strictly professional direction, challenging assignments, international jury and elaborate evaluation of the submitted fashion designs, documentation, and last but not least due to the career success of former award winners, this competition has become one of the world's most respected awards for fashion design students. Fashion entrepreneur Klaus Steilmann started the SDBI foundation in 1978. The goal is targeted endorsement of promising new designers. In 2008 the foundation's charitable work was honoured with an award as part of the German government and commerce initiative "Deutschland - Land der Ideen"/"Germany - Land of Ideas".

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