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The Future of Fashion | Lifestyle & Technology

Thursday, January 31, 2008
Registration: 18:30-19:00
Conference: 19:00-21:15
AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Mauritskade 11, 1091 GC Amsterdam, Near corner Wibautstraat / Mauritskade
Supporters: AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Innergy Creations, Amsterdam International Fashion Week, Instituut voor Media en Informatie Management - HvA

The conference language is English.

Oscar Carvallo Technology and Fashion, Photo by anina.typepad.comFashion Global Influence
There is some uncertainty as to what constitutes fashion.
By definition fashion morphs every day. People change clothes, and clothes change people. Fashion reflects who we are, who we want to be. Influencing individuals and the world as a whole - a fashion statement can be just that, a form of language that acknowledges something larger within a culture. Everything goes in to the mix: culture, music, lifestyle, politics, beliefs, and even the weather. For example, which way the wind is blowing in Amsterdam, might determine the length of a women's hair, the style her skirt, or the height of her heels. Today, companies producing lifestyle products have the highest potential for successful strategies, particularly in the more affluent and value-driven geographic locations.

Fashion and Technology
The lines between these two continues to be blurred.
Global trends now emerge faster than ever before because of internet and text messaging. Shortcuts in transmission of ideas and concepts between individuals are bringing the next big thing to you in the space of seconds. For example, the latest iPod, an advanced cell phone set and a laptop are today as powerful symbols of fashion as clothing, footwear, accessories and cosmetics. Successful brands must start to balance the 'be fashionable' aspiration with today's converging technology if they want to stay competitive in the industry and most important, relevant in the mind of consumers.

The speakers are
Truus Dokter, It fits! & PeclersParis
Fashioning the Future

Cathal McKee, Founder and Creative Director, CMK
Where technology ends and fashion begins.

Stefan Lehner, Recycling Designer, En-Fer
How can Eco-Design become fashionable?, international model, passionate about technology
the new market channels

Moderated by
James Veenhoff, Programme Director and co-founder of Amsterdam International Fashion Week

Club of Amsterdam
Phone +31-20-615 4487
[email protected]

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