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The Sixth Edition of Dressing Codes Competition

Deadline: October 15th, 2007

The Sixth Edition of Dressing Codes Competition

August 4, 2007 - The sixth edition of Dressing Codes Competition intends to confront itself with a real dedicated production. Besides the traditional cosmetic products and according to the brand philosophy, Deborah Milan is investigating decorative elements close to the body, in order to widen the action of 'Deborah aesthetics'.

Following this approach, the 2007 session proposes to examine the different points of the body with strong design broadmindedness. Starting from the body as driver of the project, the focus is put on those areas that have always been a site of decoration: head, neck, breast, arms, hands, hips and feet. Starting from these points, the participants will have to work on small objects with functional or simply decorative characteristics. Hats, hair bands, hair styling, earrings, tattoos, necklaces, bracelets, rings, tops, t-shirts, belts, flip flops and knick knack accessories for mobile phones and bags... these are some of the most obvious categorisation of products proposed, but they can be extended to new functions and objects.

The participants are asked to develop a complete and consistent Spring/Summer 2008 collection able to consider the summer mood.


The competition is open to all people who acquired a studying and/or working experience in the clothing/ accessory field and who are interested in attending Domus Academy Master in Fashion Design or Master in Accessories Design 2008 (January-December).


The candidates are asked to develop an introductory research on the worlds of Deborah Milan make-up, Deborah Milan Bioetyc, Deborah (sun treatments and Deborah skincare) aimed at realising products that are consistent with the approach of the brand. The participants have to create accessories and small decorative pieces related to these parts of the body. The objects can also go beyond their conventional function of use (traditional earrings or hair clips). Each collection will need to present the development of at least 10 objects or series of objects.

The project presented has to be original and unpublished, and must include:
an iconographic research illustrating the personal perception of the world Deborah, an innovative vision of the colour as well as the cultural and design references, together with a short explanation text;
a Spring/Summer 2008 collection with minimum 10 objects or typologies of objects.

The projects will have to be complete of technical descriptions and explanation of materials.

Deborah institutional logo
Candidadtes are kindly requested to use Deborah institutional logo downloading it from the press room of

The realisation of a prototype is not required, though projects sent with a prototype may receive preferential treatment.


The works will have to be sent to Domus Academy "Dressing Codes Competition", Via Watt 27 - 20143 Milano, by and not later than October 15th, 2007 (the postmark will apply). All the materials will have to be in A4 format; digital works will not be accepted (floppy, cd rom, etc.). The project will have to be accompanied by a resume of the candidate.


The prize is a scholarship covering the whole tuition fee for the Domus Academy Master in Fashion Design or Master in Accessories Design (Euro 17.000 + VAT 20%) to be used for the Academic Year 2008 only (January - December).

The winner and the finalists will be contacted via email.

The deadline to accept the prize is November 15th, 2007; in case the winner gives up, the scholarship will be given to the candidate ranking second.


Every moral or paternity right as to the project remains property of the author.
The projects sent to Domus Academy will not be returned.

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