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SpinExpo Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 Color Trends

SpinExpo Autumn/Winter 2012/2013
Fashion & Color Trends

Save the Dates: Shanghai - 6/7/8 March 2012 | New York - 16/17/18 July 2012 |

Re-defining the Future

[New York] - October 25, 2011
The world continues to re-structure, to reach a better balance based on individuals joining as groups to achieve real changes.

As we all become more settled in our individualism, we become stronger in the sea of changes.

A new equilibrium is on the way.

There is a need to consolidate our ideals without losing sight of our dreams, experimenting with the new whilst making sure it is relevant for the now.

We recognise our imperfections and strive to improve by re-looking at our world with a critical eye and re-purposing all around us.

We re-purpose by taking what is existing and re-defining it for the future to make it meaningful. This re-defininition of our future needs means we borrow from various references that mix the past and the present into one.

It allows us to use history without being historical, it allows us to use vintage and retro influences without being retrospective or nostalgic.

We want to balance necessity with escapism to re-charge the spirit without being too frivolous. Through the long consolidation process and re-defined budgets we now want to have new goals and aspirations, when re-focuss ed nothing should st and in the way of progress , we want to have achievable fantasies. This reflects on how we dress, we surround ourselves in our everyday life: a need for adventure that is rooted in stability, going forward, never backwards.

Trends Preview

Organised by independent textile specialists, SPINEXPO™ presents a truly international top level offer in the field of fibres, yarns for knitting, circular knit and weaving (fabrics and upholstery), socks, laces, labels and technical textiles.

It takes place twice yearly in Shanghai-China, and once in New York. It covers also creative machinery for knitwear and circular knits.

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