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Jablonex Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2010

Jablonex Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2010 Evolved Into Unique Color Shades Resulting in Unprecedented Tonal Synthesis.


Exotic, rich, indigenous, artistic are all synonyms representing this style.

Abstract natural colors contrast with city aesthetics.

Decors: ornamental embroidery influenced by rough matt fabric.

Colors and ornamentation inspired by Africa, natural American and city folklore are mixed into a visionary tornado.

Large, unique drama pieces go hand in hand with this ethno style.

Tomato red, grass green, yellow (light topaz), ebony brown, lilac.


Decadent oriental passion seduces with print, color and silhouette. Meeting point between the maximum and the minimum creates new, self confident, modern, dynamic style.

Bright copper and lacquered red are central colors. Auxiliary contrasts elevate and harmonize the duality of strong colors hinting their connection to the traditional colors of the far east. Foreign cultural influences are integrated in the rhythm of modern design. This concept is built on the look of engraved silk beads.

Ink blue, brick orange, light coral pink, blue turquoise, copper, moss green.


The foundation of nature, water, air exhibits key structures and colors which contrast in synthetic abstraction.

Colors embody weightless lightness and graphical exactitude.

Water color imprints composed of clean, uncomplicated lines graduate into supernatural tones.

Selection of raw materials tends towards lighter milk opal and silk glass.

Clear crystal, gray and white opal (lapis lazuli), almond, gray-green, shiny glass (water color light blue), cloudy gray and clear aqua.


Harmonics, flourishing, tender colors on the first sight seem as digitally mastered. Opal plastic pastels embody brightness and youth. They are compact and light at the same time.

New synthetic materials thus benefit from sophistication and fresh look. Color lightness, fine shapes and neutral look create a laptious experience.Silk glass properties are enhanced through engraved beads. Fresh menthol tonality is complemented by the effect of crackled transparent glass.

Colors: Willow green, opal blue, pastel pistachio, lemon sorbet, chalk lavender, white gold, gray-green, shiny pink.
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