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Texworld Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2008/2009

Fashion is developing with a richness of variety that was previously unknown. The spectrum ranges from rational minimalism right through to feminine playfulness, from authentic naturalness through to futuristic modernity. Thus, it is a reflection of a society that is more multiple and networked than any before it. Community and individuality permit each individual to live their own identity and style more than ever before.
The warming light of cosy interiors in winter and the rich, expressive colourfulness of leather and woods reflect a scale of warm brown and golden shades.

Camel, leather, rust, walnut and pumpkin satisfy the need for cocooning proximity.

Allowing yourself to be spoilt and not resisting every sweet temptation makes life worth living.
The play of light and shade is reminiscent of the cinema of the forties. The couture of that time inspires an elegance which finds itself in the silky pastels and the dark shades of the colour range.

With quality and sophistication it refines the fashion statement.

Seductive frivolity and masculine allures are blended into a sensual cocktail. The decoration of art déco enriches in the filigree details.
The longing of mankind for unspoilt naturalness is greater than ever. The wide-open space of Nordic landscapes sets the mood with a range of cool, authentic natural shades.

Vegetal and mineral shades modulate olive green, khaki and fango tones to icy blue nuances.

Sulphur and woolly Ecru stimulate the restrained prevailing mood. Casual attitude is the ideal ground for a relaxed, but quality appearance. Today‘s claim to comfort characterizes stamps the materiality.
The cool objectivity of modern architecture offers the setting an urban atmosphere in grey and deep dark shades.

Intensive colours like red, pink, violet or green shine have a monochrome shine, like lights in the city. They define new volumes, provide rhythm for graphic or accentuated sporty looks.

A decided modernity stylishly points clearly to the future. Fashion makes use of current technologies to improve textile functionality and to find stylistic forms of expression previously unknown.

Source: Texworld | For more information please visit our Texworld Fair page at

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