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Spratters & Jayne’s Winter Collection

Spratters & Jayne's Winter Collection

Ultra-Chunky Infiniti Chain
100% Ultra-Fine Highland Wool, Price: $225.00
2-Button Cowl, 100% Ultra-Fine Highland Wool
Handmade Bocote Wood Buttons, Price: $175.00.
Photos courtesy of
[New York], November 18, 2011 - A great scarf is essential to keep warm in the winter and if you want a cozy, hand crochet scarf, Spratters & Jayne's Winter collection should take your attention.
S&J creator and desigmer Rachael Warner. Photo courtesy of
S&J creator and desigmer Rachael Warner.
Photo courtesy of

S&J creator and desigmer Rachael Warner was raised on a farm in the upper Midwest.

She was always a bit of a creative outcast in her small town, drawing and crafting were things she could do from about birth, and her love of art, music, travel and fashion were apparent from a very young age.

No stranger to the bone chilling Canadian winter temperatures, a focus on interesting and edgy outerwear has always been something Rachael sought out.

Spratters & Jayne, lovingly named after a pair of pet turtles, happened when she started hand crocheting the scarves she wanted to wear but couldn't find in stores. After gifting them to friends and family, and getting stopped constantly on the street by strangers wanting to buy them off her person, the brand was born.

Rachael creates her scarves from the highest quality, ultra- chunky Peruvian Highland wools.

Since S&J's beginnings, she has traveled to Peru to ensure fine-quality workmanship with a very talented group of artisans who hand crochets her designs one-by-one. Every piece has a great attention to detail and focus on luscious, cozy, head turning style.

Her philosophy:
A great scarf is essential to keeping one warm in the colder months. Anyone can have the most interesting clothes underneath their coat, but its what's on top that has the most impact.

Rachael studied Art at Vassar College, and received her MA in Photography from the University of the Arts UK, London College of Communication in 2005. Until crocheting encompassed her life, she worked in television and the music industry doing photography, her other love.

For more information please visit her website:

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