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Movement of Connections by Mihrican DAMBA

Movement of Connections by Mihrican DAMBA

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Inspiration: the opening dance scene of the movie “Talk to Her”

When I was continuing my research about the subject, the first scene from the movie “Talk to Her” has been appeared in my head which affected me deeply. The first scene in the movie starts with a theatrical piece. This theatrical scene is full of chairs and tables. There are three characters at the scene. Two women who dance with ever closed and a man who in front of these blind women pulls away the chairs and tables as the women dances towards them.

The connection between the scene and the subject:
The two women who almost making the same movements as if unaware of each other, at the same life, living different experiences is like two different characters.

Moving with eyes closed without knowing where to go, to run into a wall without knowing there is a wall and stopping when hitting the wall. Not to the ground but falling into her wall is like hitting the bottom sometimes in life. To get tired as you hit the obstacles in life, the stillness at certain portions of life, to pull into your own shell and the period to discover yourself.

To return to life, motivation, aim in life and instinctively start moving again. The man’s character in appearance pale, although he seems like an unimportant character, he is the most important character of this scene and life. I am asking the question of this women who doesn’t see the chairs, the tables, the wall, the man, would be reaching different solutions if this pale man’s character didn’t exist.

This man who allows the blind women to move in any direction they want, who plays a very important role in these women’s’ life in fact is like a dependency in our lives that we are unaware of. The reality of a woman who is unaware of the chairs in front of her and who is unaware that those chairs are pulled away by a force.

This scene is explaining to me how to continue our existence we are dependent on other beings. In this inspiration the important is not the dance of the women, not the man, not the table or the chair, the important thing is this scene I am concentrated on is just a tool for me. What’s important is that what I perceived in this scene and how I got affected by this scene and how I made the connections between the scene and the “movement”. This scene could have been another element which could give me the same message. Thus what I reflected on my designs is what I understood from the scene rather than visuals that exist in the scene...







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