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Here Come the Sunnies


Contributing Editor
The vibrance of scarf being held by the little Scarf pin, and the excellent choice in the shape of the glasses.

April 11, 2011, London - I always use to hear people say, everyday in London is a different day.

I really did not understand what they meant till I actually started experiencing it while capturing trend moments on the London streets.

The beauty lies in the different cultures blending into being one, while still maintaining their idiosyncratic traits.

Well, since I am an observer, I can sit by the Thames bank and observe people pass all day long, sometimes I try to capture them with my lens, and then on other occasions (a.k.a being lazy) I just make notes in my head.

My suggestion to you, would be to ideally experience this beauty right now, when Spring is setting in, the flowers are blooming, the colors are popping out in clothes, accessories, hair, and I seem to be like that butterfly being attracted to all this bloom in color and beauty.

So I decided, what better way to welcome the Spring in, than to capture the Sunglasses trend on the streets?

Fortunately, I was free this weekend, and it was sunny enough to gather a myriad of pictures to do justice to my observation.
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Like clothes, Sunglasses and accessories have brought Sexy back in, with Retro Glasses making it huge amongst crowds in poppy colors and bold shapes!

Style Tip:

Combine the look with a Sundress or a simple tee and jeans, it is bound to stand out, make you look so Glam! Whether they being heart shaped frames or a bright orange to liven up the Grunge leather jacket.

The best thing about the Retro-lasses are that there is one for every face shape, since they themselves come in all shapes and colors. Have a look at some by D&G Sunglasses, or if you fancy something more adventurous, then have a look at these catty ones by Linda Farrow Projects Alexander Wang in Tortoise shell frames on

Costume National's bright colored glasses for women can brighten any outfit and give a modern twist immediately, while on the other side, the classic chic look, go for the Diane Von Furstenberg city look.
Marc by Marc Jacobs at
The John Lennon sunglasses is a huge hit on the runway and has trickled down beautiful to the high street as a very popular shape of choice in both the sexes. The Men with sharp jawlines should certainly invest some time and try out this shape; Marc Jacobs has an exclusive range of monotone round John Lennon sunglasses.

Having said that, these men here are defying that rule, very well indeed. Well there is a world of Sunnies out there, and if you do not start collecting and flaunting them now, you might just miss the fun in the Sun.

About Diana KAKKAR

Diana KAKKAR is a Fashion Designer, and Freelance Trend reporter,who has worked in India and Australia and finally moved to London, thus announcing her "Love for London at first sight".Diana believes, Fashion is a universal language and aims to bridge the gap between various cultures through Fashion. Diana loves to hit the streets, wherever she travels, to capture the local trends, thus strengthening her philosophy of "Zeitgeist". She shares her pictures with the world on

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