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Poverty Flats by rian

rural roots and inspiration + designs for urban lifestyle = Poverty Flats

Photos by rian
Photo by rian
Men's Bags Photos by Robert House

Poverty Flats by rian is the latest creation from Seattle artist/designer rian.

The name comes from the rural area where rian spent his early years when growing up.

Poverty Flats by rian takes inspiration from both the country and city.

It represents the balance and the journey between the two.

The new Poverty Flats by rian line is inspired by a place in Eastern Oregon called "The Poverty Flats".

"This happens to be where I grew up as a child.

I have taken a lot of inspiration from the weathered landscape of this region.

Later I moved from the country to the city and became interested in fashion.

I combined my inspiration from both rural and urban living to create Poverty Flats by rian" says Rian Berry and continues;

"I grew up in the middle of nowhere, which was really everywhere for me then.

Eventually, I needed to spread my wings. I took my inspiration from the Poverty Flats and headed from rural to urban."

Where to buy:
Poverty Flats by rian line is available at Urban Outfitters -
The line is also carried at Nordstrom as well -
For more information about Poverty Flats by rian please visit
To learn more about Rian Berry and rian bags please read the interview we made in 2007 at

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