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LAUTREC's Luxury Leather Handbags and Accessories

LAUTREC's Exotic Skin and Luxury Leather Handbags and Accessories

[New York], May 4, 2014 - LAUTREC is a Luxury Exotic Skin and Leather Handbag line handmade and manufactured in France and Italy. The bronze hardware features Mr. Lautrec's signature logo in matte finishes 18k infused white or yellow gold & locks set with semi precious or precious stones.

The inspiration for Lautrec lies within the desire and commitment to create a collection of extraordinary crafted fine jewelry, couture, handbags and accessories all under the same house. This vision invokes perfection and excellence with a unique approach to merge art, fashion, architecture, and lifestyle within each design creating a new standard of luxury.

Lautrec's Totes and Handbags

The collection is a breathtaking combination of never before seen shapes, hardware and design in 200 different styles of Handbags, Clutches, Evening Bags, Totes, Luggage, and accessories in 70 different vibrant colors in Alligator, Crocodile, Ostrich, Stingray with a glazed or matte finish.

Lautrec masterfully and beautifully combines art, fashion, architecture, style and elegance with the finest materials in various capacities ranging from bejeweled metal in fine jewelry, magnificent fabrics in couture, to exquisite and exotic leather handbags and accessories creating the ultimate luxury collection's of Lautrec Objet d'Art.

Lautrec uses only full center-cut skins from the belly of grade-1 farm raised American alligator, crocodile, stingray; full quill South African ostrich; and the finest quality Italian, French and Spanish lambskins.

All the original hardware designed by Rene C. Lautrec is handcrafted in Italy of 25 Sterling Silver, 18 Karat Gold or Platinum, infused into Bronze and is guaranteed not to fade or tarnish. Hardware is also available in 18 Karat Gold and Platinum with or without precious stones and diamonds in superb carat, clarity and color.

Aristocrat LHB-8001
Cognac American Alligator,18k gold, Infused Bronze Hardware, encrusted with 2 carat Ruby 33 cm x 33 cm x 12.5 cm.
Bogart LHB-8005
Turquoise South African Ostrich, 18k gold infused Bronze Hardware, 30.5cm x 33cm x 12.5cm.
Most of the handbags and accessories come in two or three sizes, with interchangeable straps and handles. Some handles will be set with diamonds and precious stones. All handbags include a miniature perfume bottle held inside that will be refillable only by the company. As the signature to the Lautrec collection's, a petite pocket clock with white face and Roman numerals, appointed with a diamond on the face and cabochon stones on the case and stem, is an optional accessory that could be attached to every handbag.

Lautrec's commitment to perfection and elegance produces handbags of the highest quality and superb craftsmanship. Lautrec is intimately involved with the creation and execution of each collection. He creates the design, concept, and all pattern measurements with exact specifications, and personally inspects and signs each design upon completion to ensure his standard of excellence has been met.

Each year a few one-of-a-kind handbags or clutches are being released. The company produces custom orders for color, finish, skin, precious stones, diamonds, and precious metal for its clientele delivered in 8 to 12 weeks.

Each design is conceived as wearable art, classic yet modern, a statement of style, and a timeless heirloom investment that integrates fashion, architecture, and luxury.

Lautrec's Jewelry Collection

The unique ability to masterfully and beautifully combine fashion, art, architecture, style, and elegance with the finest metals, precious stones and colored diamonds has led to a breathtaking fine jewelry collection by designer Rene C. Lautrec.

The Objet d'Art collections are molded from 18 karat green and purple gold as well as 950 platinum in exquisite dramatic silhouettes set with the finest quality rubies, emeralds, sapphires, white diamonds, and yellow, orange, blue, pink, purple and green colored diamonds starting from VVS 1 clarity in D color to Flawless natural and not treated or radiant.

Mr. Lautrec creates the concept and design, and provides all molds, measurements and specifications. Mr. Lautrec inspects all of his collections upon completion to make sure that each has met his standards of excellence and only then does the designer apply his signature of authenticity to each object, which provides his assurance of the finest quality and superb craftsmanship.

Every Lautrec fine piece of jewelry is inspected by Rene Lautrec from start to finish in order to guarantee the finest quality and superior craftsmanship. Each piece is signed on approval of Lautrec commitment to perfection and excellence. Each Lautrec design is conceived as wearable art, a classic yet modern, and timeless heirloom investment integrating fashion, architecture, style, statement and luxury.
Louis XIII LHB-8018
Café Ole American Alligator 18k gold Hardware, Encrusted with 5.25 carat white Diamonds 25.5 cm x 13 cm x 10cm.
Les Larmes de joie LN- 2002
18k White gold, Accentuated with 10 Carat Natural fancy intense flawless Pear Canary Diamond.

All images courtesy of LAUTREC -

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